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A Soldier’s Fight For The First Amendment

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American Legion Post 290 Election Day, November 8, 2016 the harassment and assault by Post 290 Member Ronald Shouse more...

American Legion Post 290

Phil Holt being Untruthful!

Phil Holt, a member of Post 290 was untruthful in his sworn statement to the District Court Judge-Magistrate and … more...

American Legion Post 290

Jimmie Rosamond’s being


Jimmie Rosamond, a member of Post 290  was untruthful in his statement to the King Police Department,  in his sworn statement to the District Court Judge-Magistrate and … more...

New Youtube Series

New youtube series documenting the events on video and other documents. more... American Legion (National) American Legion Philip B. Oderdonk, National Judge Advocate, what was his involvement in the Lawsuit, Vice Commander Don Holland and was there collusion? more... Commander Kilby Post 290  All of Kilby’s Untruthfulness! Commander Kilby is spreading even more untruthful statements and a new narrative concerning Nov. 8th… more...

It’s Not Over!

Lawsuits are coming. more...  
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New Video proving Commander Kilby was untruthful at the American Legion Appeal


By-the-way Commander Kilby claims there was a Federal Trial, if he had investigated as he claims he would know, there WAS NO FEDERAL TRIAL!

He claims he investigated the accusations made against me by Post Member Jimmie

Rosamond, making an affidavit to support those claims.  One  of which I was untruthful

about post member(s) on my personal Facebook page.  Yet this video “proves”

not in my words but Commander Kilby’s words, Commander Holland’s deposition

recanting his affidavit to the Federal Courts (declared under penalty of perjury) in

which he made false claims as to his knowledge of the kneeling soldier statute, false claims are untruths, Trustee Carl Calloway lying in his affidavit and in the words of the Director of the Stokes County Arts Council, Eddie McGee stating about Calloway’s receipt, “that is a total fabrication, we had nothing to do with the statue.” This video PROVES I was telling the truth and that Kilby, Holland, Rosamond and Calloway are LIARS!  They Dishonor their oath to the American Legion, Post 290 and to all Veterans who’s names appear on the King Veterans Memorial! I am innocent of the charges they brought before the Post 290 membership in expelling me from the Post and the American Legion! Also Command Kilby is running for Forsyth County Sheriff, Mr. Kilby’s dishonesty and willingness to openly and knowing be untruthful about another Veteran and Political Candidate when I ran for office reflects poorly upon his Honesty, Integrity and Character.  His actions put into question his ability to fairly and impartially enforce the laws of the state and county in performing his duties as Sheriff if he were to be elected. He should be removed from his position as Post 290 and District Commander for violating the American Legion Constitution! As well as other Post members who were untruthful in their affidavits against me. How does the American Legion allow such men to hold offices and disgrace every Legionnaire by their actions and conduct!   
Commander Holland Commander Kilby Trustee Calloway 2nd Vice Commander Rosamond
Leadership of American Legion Post 290, King, NC
American Legion Post 290 and the North Carolina American Legion kicked me out for being an Atheist and standing up for Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech! Post 290 members lied in their affidavits to have me removed from the post! The American Legion Willfully and Wantonly discriminates against an Atheist Veteran violating his freedom of religion and speech. Made up trumped up charges and LIED in their affidavits in order to remove him from the Post.
We just went live with the Stokes County Militia page and the lies they like to spread. We will be adding more to the page on the connection between SCM and Americsan Legion Post 290, which is a violation of American Legion Constitution.  We already know one member who quit over this connection.