A Soldier’s Fight For The First Amendment
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Hewett v City of King                 Background
City of King Veterans Memorial A Veterans Memorial Is To Honor Service and Sacrifice to Our Country Not Anyone’s Particular Religion
Honor - Integrity - Personal Courage
1. American Flag 2. North Carolina Flag 3. City of King Flag 4. POW Flag 5. Christian Flag 6. American Legion Flag 7. Army Flag 8. Air Force Flag 9. Marine Flag 10. Navy Flag 11. Coast Guard Flag
Kneeling Soldier Cross

City of King Settles Lawsuit

City Manager Homer Dearmin reads a press release… more...

The Reason for the Lawsuit

The kneeling soldier with a Latin Cross does not represent all soldiers.  The Legion is always pushing crosses as some type of memorial or grave marker.  If you have been to Arlington National Cemetery you see nothing but Tombstones. Why not a Tombstone which represents “all” Veterans.

Commander Don Holland

Commander Don Holland disparaging my good name after the press release by the City of King… more...

Back Ground

Hewett v City of King

In 2012 I brought a federal lawsuit against the City of King for using Veterans and

the Veterans Memorial located in King, North Carolina to promote religion,

specifically Christianity at our city owned public memorial.

This website is a documentary which chronicles the events concerning how the

American Legion became involved using American Legion Post 290 as a means to

join the lawsuit as a Movant Intervenor, former Commander Holland’s sworn

statement for cause to become a Movant Intervenor, his deposition where he

recants his statement.  Post 290 Member Carl “Butch” Calloway’s sworn statement

for cause to become a Movant Intervener, Mayor Jack Warren and Barbara

Hunsucker’s depositions.  The role American Legion Philip B. Onderdonk, National

Judge Advocate played in getting American Legion Post 290 to entangle themselves

in the lawsuit. This will show how some of the actors conspired, colluded and made

untruthful statements to become part of the lawsuit in which they had no business

of being a part, as well as possible attorney misconduct in submitting known

untruths to the Federal Courts.

Former Command Don Holland’s disparaging remarks about me on TV and his hate

towards me for having the Christian Flag removed from the Memorial.

American Legion Post 290 member Ronald Shouse’s attack upon me on election day

November 8, 2016 and how Post 290 members railroaded me out of Post and the

Legion membership. They used Jimmie Rosamond who was untruthful in his

affidavit all because I was not part their little clique or good old boys club!

The involvement of the Stokes County Militia and Militia Leader Darrell Calloway’s

hatred and untruthful statements about me and their ties to American Legion Post

290 in violation of the American Legion’s Constitution and By-laws.