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American Legion Post 290
Election Day Assault    November 9, 2016        Charges
Ronald Shouse charged with: Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Careless & Reckless Driving
Honor - Integrity - Personal Courage
Officer Dula files charges against Shouse.
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Ron Shouse’s Statement to the Police
Don Holland’s Statement to the Police
Ronald Champney Statement to the Police
In Ronald Shouse’s written voluntary statement to the police he makes several inconsistent and untruthful comments: 1) He kept trying to instigate a confrontation, flipping up us the bird several times. 2) “Don’t remember exact words we used, but something like get the Hell out of here. 3) He (Hewett) [sic] saw he was getting to us and kept on. 4) As we were leaving he was standing in the middle of the street. He was giving the come on and then said, “I have been hit” and you are on video. 5) Then went to the back of my truck and took a picture. 6) I backed up and went to do the funeral. Let’s analyze his statement 1) He claims that I tried to instigate a confrontation, flipping up us the bird several times.  If you look and listen to the video you can hear Shouse in the back ground yelling at me several times to “come here” “come over here buddy” “What were you in the Coast Guard?” “Bet you ain’t ever draw’d down on another man hadn’t ya, I have. More than once”.   Then he’s standing in the middle of the group of fellow uniformed legionnaires raising both his hands flipping me off with both his middle fingers. Time Index of Shouse’s Comments and Actions: 09:50:50 Hey, You, Come over here 09:51:12 What were you in Coast Guard 09:52:10 Come over here 09:52:00 Shooting An Imaginary Rifle at me. 09:52:32 Why don’t You Come Over Here Buddy 09:53:00 Raises both hands and give me the middle finger. 09:53:14 Flips me off with the middle finger. 09:53:25 Come Over Here 09:53:30 Come Over Here 09:53:37 Come On 09:53:43 Bet you ain’t ever draw’d down on another man hadn’t ya, I have. More than once. Nowhere do you hear me instigating anything with them.  In fact, I was having a conversation with a lady about her foot when Shouse started his yell and screaming at me. Did I then have a limited exchange with him, yes, I did.  But the point is he, not I instigated the confrontation. In one of the voluntary statements given by Ronald Champney a legionnaire standing with Shouse, confirms that Shouse wanted to start something to begin with when he saw my sign “Veterans Against Trump”.  “We all stood around and Ron Shouse one of our members started out. We stopped him and said that this was upsetting, it was to all of us. After a few words were exchanged nothing was going on until he the person with the sign started exchanging words with Mr. Shouse.” Did you notice, exchanged words with Mr. Shouse!  That means Shouse had to be saying something to me and as the video again proves it was Shouse who started the confrontation.  If he had not said a single word, flipped me off or ran into me with his truck you would not be reading this. In his comments to Officer Dula, Shouse stated he was agitated with me and apparently that agitation turned into him wanting to run into me with his truck 2) He admits yelling at me to “Get the Hell out of here.”  Why would I, I was there legally for electioneering since it was our nations day of voting.  But he has very selective memory in what he said and did. 3) I simply responded to Shouse’s harassment and intimidation.  In retrospect I should have gotten the Election Judge and had him removed from the property. 4) He claims I was in the middle of the street.  Clearly you can see from the video that I was not in the middle of the lane of traffic but standing off to the side of it as several vehicles pasted by and you can clearly see the lane directional arrows showing the cars in the lane of traffic, not me.  In fact, the vehicle in front of Shouse was driven by Vice Command Holland who in his statement wondered why Shouse was not still directly behind him, following him as he was from the start. The reason why is because Shouse veered out from the lane of traffic heading straight for me, first charging forward and hitting his brakes sliding on the gravel and then as I turned as the video shows he charged forward again hitting me with his truck. In Michael Lane’s voluntary statement he confirms I was hit by Shouse. “...the man in the truck did barely touch Mr Hewett with his truck.” Eric Pavlic another witness and the one standing next to me in the video saying that Shouse did hit me with his truck “I saw him” states, “saw truck bump into the gentleman he was just standing their [sic] and aggravated the victim.  In fact Mr. Pavlic witnessed all the events that day and will confirm that Shouse started everything. 5 & 6) I never went to the back of his truck, I stood where I was hit, he backed up and went around me stopping where I did get his license plate.  So his recollection of this is incorrect.  As is with his version of  the entire incident he started. Officer Dula commented that during the fingerprinting and photograph Shouse, “was very apologetic, visibly shaken, and stated several times that he was sorry that it happened.” Why would he be apologetic and repeatedly say he was sorry that it happened if he had done nothing wrong?  The reason is that he did do something wrong and as a former police officer myself this is what guilty people do, they apologize and say how sorry they are, hence, Shouse’s comments.  As for the reason he’s visibly shaken, I’m sure he was worried about going BACK to prison.  He was in prison for 6 months back in the late 80's for sexual assaulting a minor child by taking indecent liberties with a minor.  For a former Marine who is suppose to protect the innocent especially a child he violated his oath to his community, country and is a disgrace to the American Legion. In Officer Dula’s police report he states speaking with Mr. Shouse at 12:30 PM on November 8th. “Mr. Shouse told me that he did get agitated by Steven [Hewitt’s] provoking and taunting of the veterans in the Honor Guard who were preparing for a military funeral, and “flipping them the finger” multiple times.  Mr. Shouse said he did not return the gesture, nor did he see anyone with him who did. Mr. Shouse stated that he did not intend to strike Mr. Hewitt or anyone else.” WAIT, “Shouse stated that he did not intend to strike Mr. Hewett” this implies by stating “did not intend” that he did.  Also see the pic, Shouse is flipping me off! Wait another minute in Commander Kilby’s addressing of the NC Legion Appeal hearing he clear states that several of the members at the Post were flipping me off that day during the confrontation initiated by Shouse!  So apparently Shouse is not being truthful to the police as well!  Kilby, “You shouldn’t be doing that, that what they were telling him and he took it wrong and then he started shooting them the [gig] and what happens [they] shot the [gig] back at him...All these folks were there they had parts in it.” Seated behind Kilby were several members who were at the Post with Shouse.  So now Commander Kilby confirms what I was saying that not only Shouse was flipping me off but other members were as well. Mr. Shouse was charged by Officer Dula for Careless and Reckless Driving and Assault with a Deadly Weapon. In summary, Shouse is untruthful concerning the events of that day and as well as other legion members present.  This was used as a basis for expelling me from the Post and the American Legion which will be discussed in another page on this website.
Eric Pavlic Statement to the Police
Michael Lane Statement to the Police
Officer Dula OCA 161108100201
Ronald Shouse  Forsyth 88CRS025744
Ronald Shouse standing in the middle of the group flipping me off with both middle fingers.  Kilby claims this was not Shouse but Jani Hamby.  This is not truthful since Jani is seen standing in front of the red truck right headlight. She does not have a legion cap on, Shouse does.