A Soldier’s Fight For The First Amendment
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Honor - Integrity - Personal Courage
Will be presenting actual events and facts! This Documentary chronicles the events that pertain to the Federal Lawsuit Hewett v City of King as well as how American Legion Post 290 fabricated and made false statements to became part of the lawsuit. The assault on Election Day November 8th, 2016 involving American Legion Post 290 member Ronald Shouse and the actions taken by the Post 290 membership against me resulting from this attack.  The so-called investigation by now Commander Clif Kilby and Jimmie Rosamond who the Post used to bring false expulsion charges against me as well as Kilby’s affidavit supporting these false charges. The North Carolina American Legion Appeal hearing and the untruthful statements Clif Kilby made during this hearing. The actions American Legion Post 290 Commander Kilby did in an attempt to keep the polling station at the American Legion and to keep me off post property during elections.  The Stokes County Board of Election hearings where the appointed Republicans on the Board tried to keep the elections at the Post in violation of North Carolina State Law and Kilby’s fabricated story about me when he addressed the Board. The evidence against them will consist of North Carolina District Court Documents,  (Federal) United States District Court Middle District of North Carolina Documents, audio and/or video of the American Legion Appeal Hearing as well as the Stokes Co. Board of Election Hearings. If you have any comments or question the authenticity of Documents or video and if you feel that what is stated is incorrect please contact me do discuss it.