A Soldier’s Fight For The First Amendment
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While at the Stokes County Election Polling Station which rents the American Legion Post 290 property as a polling location, a group of uniformed Post 290 members were standing about seventy - one hundred yards from the designated polling buffer zone. Amongst the group was Ronald Shouse who like the rest of the group was apparently upset that I had a sign “Veterans Against Trump”  no different than people who had signs “Veterans For Trump” at other events or “Lock Up Hillary” placed at the polling station. The second I set foot in the polling area Ronald Shouse start yelling at me “Come over here” multiple times, disparaging my military service yelling, “What were you in the Coast Guard?” (apparently meant to be insulting), harassing me by pretending to hold a rifle shooting it at me, flipping me off with both his middle fingers, yelling “Bet you ain’t never drawn down on anyone, I have, twice!”.  This went on for several minutes at which time the group started to leave and as the vehicles were driving by Ronald Shouse veered from the line and charged at me slamming on his brakes stopping several yards away, then charged again hitting me with his truck. Not only was there a witness standing next to me but all of this is on my body-cam as well as my truck-cam parked in the parking area. King Police Department did a thorough investigation, getting witness statements, reviewing the video and filing criminal charges against Mr. Shouse for Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Careless and Reckless Driving.  No charges were filed by the King Police against me since I had committed no crimes at all.
The assault by American Legion Post 290 Member Ronald Shouse.
Election Day Assault    November 8, 2016
Full Video of the  Harassment & Assault Body-Cam
At 9:19 right center you see Shouse’s truck come into frame charging forward once and then charging forward slamming hard on the brakes hitting me. The white vehicle obscures the truck somewhat but you can see through the passenger window my blue coat and then SHouse’s truck where I was standing and his truck hitting me. At 12:35 from a another Truck-cam angle you can see clearly Shouse changing his direction of travel from following the vehicle in front of him (driven by Commander Holland)  to veering off in my direction charging forward hitting me.
Full Video of the  Harassment & Assault Truck-Cam
Turn your volume up and listen to the yelling in the background, that’s Ronald Shouse..
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