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Gary Thomas               Untruthfulness
Gary Thomas
Statement to King Police November 8, 2016
Sworn Statement to the Stokes Co. District Judge-Magistrate, on November 9, 2016.
Gary Thomas a member of Post 290 made a statement to the King Police Department, made a false sworn statement to the District Court Judge-Magistrate to bring false charges of Disorderly Conduct against me the day after Legion Member Ronald Shouse was charged by the King Police for Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Careless & Reckless Driving. Holt claims he was at the Legion at 10:30 which was being used as a polling station.  Where he observed me displaying a sign “Veterans Against Trump” with a “Hillary” sign attached to it and obviously that’s true because I was there electioneering for and against candidates. He like Rosamond makes claims I was disparaging Veterans.  “Individual was disparaging Veteran’s @ a public place. Also, presenting gestures disrespecting Veterans.” Yet he fails to describe how I was disrespecting Veterans unless giving the middle finger in a return gesture as Shouse was doing in the video is what he means. No where in his statement to the police does Holt comment as to what I said. Yet in the Criminal Summons he swears to something different. Now onto Thomas’s statement to the Magistrate. “The Defendant repeatedly gave me and the group of American Legion members I was with the middle finger while saying to us “Y’all come on over here.” I already established I did give Shouse the middle finger in return to him flipping me off.  Yet, like Rosamond Holt was untruthful in his sworn statement to the Judge-Magistrate by claiming I said, ‘Y’all come on over here.” Just like Rosamond committed perjury under oath, so did Thomas!
The American Legion is a non-partisan organization both in politics and religion. The Legion does not endorse any Candidate nor do they endorse any one particular religious belief.  Thomas  is in violation of the Legions non-partisanship by participating in a protest in full American Legion Uniform endorsing the Christian Religion by leading the protest and carrying the Christian flag!