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Post 290 Commander Clifton Kilby Investigation to Expel Mr. Hewett Part 1

Adjutant Jaine Hamby
2nd Vice Commander Rosamond
Former Commander Holland
Ronald Champney
Darrell Atkins
Commander Kilby
Commander Kilby
Attorney Massey


The current Post 290 Commander is Clifton Kilby.  Prior to November of 2016 Mr. Hewett had no idea who Clifton Kilby was and the only time Mr. Hewett had ever met him was in 2015 when Mr. Hewett had not yet received his Post 290 membership card and Kilby was in charge of issuing them.  That all changed after Mr. Hewett was assaulted November 8, 2016 by American Legion member Ronald Shouse while Mr. Hewett was electioneering for and against Presidential Candidates. Post 290 like in past year was being rented by the Stokes Co. Board of Elections as a polling station. If American Legion member Ronald Shouse had not hit Mr. Hewett with his truck that day it is doubtful that their paths would have ever crossed.  But this day brought about events that put Kilby on a path to have Mr. Hewett expelled from the American Legion, made disparaging comments and statements to the Stokes Co. Board of Elections when Mr. Hewett ran for political office. Mr. Kilby brought false criminal and civil actions against Mr. Hewett when he ran as a candidate for Forsyth Co. Sheriff and due to his actions there are now a civil lawsuit, Steven Hewett v Clifton Kilby. The assault and American Legion expulsion Mr. Hewett can freely discuss as well as the bogus criminal and civil actions Kilby as a candidate for Sheriff took out on Mr. Hewett since these cases have been adjudicated, both which were in Mr. Hewett’s favor.  As for the Mr. Hewett’s civil lawsuit against Kilby, since it is an on going legal action Mr. Hewett will refrain from making to many comments about what has transpired since the filing of the lawsuit.  We will post the lawsuit since it is an open legal document, Mr. Kilby is being sued for Abuse of Process/Malicious Prosecution.

Commander Kilby’s Biased Investigation Notes:

11-11-16 Post 290 Commander Don Holland and 2nd Vice Commander Rosamond had taken charges out on Mr. Hewett for Disorderly Conduct …. incident on 11-8-16.  He (Rosamond) stated that Hewett tried to provoke members of the Honor Guard by giving them the middle finger and grabbing his private area after some of the Honor Guard tried to warn him about campaigning on Post 290 Property while representing himself as a member of The American Legion. As per Kilby’s investigation notes, Janie Hamby, who is a female Legionnaire and Post 290 Adjutant stated that she saw Hewett grabbing his crotch and she turned her back toward him.  She could hear Hewett yelling but did not make out most of the words. Jim Rosamond told her not to turn around because Hewett was still grabbing his privates and shooting the middle finger at us. She could hear several of the Honor Guard yelling at Hewett, things such as you are going to get into trouble, you can’t do that, we ain’t going over there you come over here. Rosamond’s comments to her are very unlikely since he was not even standing near her but several yards away with a red truck between them and he was under the porch of the mobile home where he lives in on the property.  As for Hamby, at the District Appeal hearing she made no comments at all, only standing up when asked to be compared in height of Ronald Shouse, nor is there any written statement made nor signed by her, only Kilby claiming she said this to him. Command Don Holland (Post 290 Member): Voluntary Police Statement by Post Commander Don Holland, “I was first in line and drove around the curve, I noticed Ron was not behind me so I stopped and waited on him.”   Here we can read that Commander Holland was first in line of the vehicles and that Mr. Shouse was following behind him.  It is also important to see what was [not] in Commander Holland’s statement that differs from Mr. Shouse’s statement and that’s Mr. Hewett was not in the middle of the street as claimed by Mr. Shouse and as per the video it is fact that Mr. Hewett was never standing in the middle of the travel lane (street) since vehicles can be seen passing in front of him including Commanders Holland’s vehicle. Again, if Mr. Shouse had stayed behind Mr. Holland then nothing would have happened. An important note that in days to come Commander Kilby makes a claim that Mr. Hewett was in the middle of the travel lane taking pictures of Commander Holland’s and other legion members license plates.  Why did Kilby even make this comment? We know that Shouse’s actions violate both Federal and State Law at a polling station, here Kilby is trying to imply or claim that Mr. Hewett is purposely taking pictures of license plates of Legion members.  Willfully taking/recording pictures of vehicle license plates at polling stations is a violation of Federal Law, however, it is plain to see that Kilby fails in proving this assumption.  It is not illegal to record events outside a polling station.  You can clearly see Mr. Hewett is not purposely recording anyone’s plates other than Shouse’s when he is fleeing the scene of the assault. How could this even be possible unless Mr. Hewett was the fictional character, The Flash. It would require the speed of light to have run behind Commander Holland’s vehicle take video/pictures of the license plate and then run back in time so that Mr. Shouse could then run into him with this truck.  It’s just amazing that Commander Kilby believes his version can to be true in any sense of the word! Commander Holland was interviewed by Amanda Dobson a reporter for The Stokes News about the incident.  Commander Holland in his official capacity representing The American Legion made the following comments, “Hewett’s sign and actions didn’t reflect the views of the legion.”  Holland went on further to comment, “He has every right in the world to display what he wants, but in front of an American Legion building with a sign like “Veterans against Trump” doesn’t belong there.” The comments that Commander Holland made as a representative of the American Legion is a direct violation of the American Legion Constitution in that they are a non-political non-partisan organization.  Mr. Hewett’s sign stated, “Veterans Against Trump” with a Hillary Campaign sign above it.  Commander Holland states, “Hewett’s sign and actions didn’t reflect the views of the legion.”  This is a political statement made to support the Presidential Candidate for the Republican Party.   Here Commander Holland further states, “but in front of an American Legion building with a sign like “Veterans against Trump” doesn’t belong there.”  Now Holland is say that a political sign of this nature doesn’t belong on Post property, yet that is exactly where it belongs on election day. Holland is not limit the political speech of individuals based upon a political message the Legion disagrees with, a clear violation of The American Legion Constitution and By-Laws. Stokes Co. Democrat Party Chairman David Dalton expressed that, “Holland’s words express a gross, malignant, and intimidating misunderstanding of the Constitutional, legal, and political principles that govern American elections . . . no voter of any party should be required to enter such a hostile environment to exercise the right to vote or express completely reasonable political views with words or signs.” First let’s emphasize that the Stokes County Board of Elections had rented the main building as a polling station, use of the parking area in front of the building and this was an election location where all people had the right to be politicking for and against candidates.  There were many political signs at this location even one “Hillary for Prison” and Mr. Hewett was exercising his right of freedom of speech!  This is exactly where the sign he was carrying belonged on election day regardless whether Commander Holland or other members of Post 290 who were present disagreed with it or not! Mr. Hewett was not wearing any cap, insignia, clothing, sign or handout that identified him as a member of the American Legion. He was exercising his personal views and opinions of candidates in opposing Trump and promoting Clinton, he was not promoting Post 290 or the American Legion’s political position.  In Commander Holland’s statement to the news media he was giving an opinion that the American Legion was endorsing Trump for President, something that the American Legion can not do as per it’s a non-political non- partisan organization. Again, for Commander Holland to make such a statement is a violation of the American Legion Constitution and By-Laws. Commander Holland also gave false testimony in an affidavit he swore against Mr. Hewett in stating the Mr. Hewett was calling out, “Y’all come on over here” Mr. Hewett never said these words, that was an individual standing in front of Mr. Hewett calling out to someone he was talking with in the parking lot.  Kilby’s verbal comments at the NC District Appeal hearing, “You can also see in the video that the Legionnaires whenever they, Command Holland got there he was one of the last ones to got there that day and he saw all this ruckus  going on and he tells them to go get in the vehicles we’re go’n [sic] and they all loaded up and left out and when he left out and this is a conversation I had with several of them that was in the vehicle with him, he asked what’s going on, and they informed him what was going on.” The same day of the assault Holland made a police witness statement for something he didn’t even witness.  In Kilby’s investigation Holland had to ask what was going on, (he asked what’s going on, and they informed him what was going on). Therefore he did not witness the actual verbal exchange between Shouse and Hewett, evident by the fact all of it was over when Holland arrived and with that being the case he merely wrote down what he was told, not what he actually witnessed.  He gave a false statement to the Police and to the Magistrate the next day. This doesn’t surprise us at all since he has openly stated his animosity towards Mr. Hewett , disparaging statements he made about him to the press and the fact he is known to lie as in his affidavit to the Federal Courts. Then the very next day the Stokes Co Magistrate’s Office Holland made a sworn affidavit that he witnessed Mr. Hewett flipping them off and yelling at them.  As per Kilby’s investigation and the comment, Holland had to ask “what’s going on, and they informed him,” as well as the fact if he arrived last and several minutes had transpired between the last verbal exchange between Shouse and Hewett, when he arrived he told them to load up and they left.  As per the video you can see nothing was being said nor done prior to Holland’s arrival and them loading up and leaving. Holland,  lied and committed perjury in making a Police Witness Statement and then swearing out an affidavit he could not attest too in order for a criminal summons to be issued against Mr. Hewett. 12-12-16 In Ron Champney’s stated that an unknown female (how convenient) told the few members of the Honor Guard that were waiting, that one of the Post members was telling people that he was a member and campaigning near the front gate and found that to be odd as she had been told that Legionnaires could not politic.  (Watch the video and you never see anyone approaching the Legion group other than Legion members.)  Champney stated he yelled first that you should not be doing that, which prompted an on set of middle finger waving by the subject, grabbing his crouch and name calling. Several important observations need to be noted here that conflict with Champney’s witness statement but are in Kilby’s notes.  Champney made a Voluntary Witness Statement for the King Police which is part of the Official Case File on record at the Police Department as well as the Stokes Co. DA’s Office.  Mr. Champney’s statement sheds light into Ronald Shouse’s mental state at the time, “. . . had noticed a sign that read “Veterans against Trump.”  We all stood around and Ron Shouse one of our members started out. We Stopped him and said that this was upsetting, it was to all of us. After a few words were exchanged nothing was going on until he the person with the sign started to exchange words with Mr. Shouse.” There are a several points that Champney brings up in his statement that shows Mr. Shouse was upset with the political signage being by held Mr. Hewett, but also all those who were standing around with Mr. Shouse.  Again, Mr. Hewett had ever right to be politicking for and against candidates that day. Let’s take note: 1) “Ron Shouse one of our members started out” - Apparently Mr. Shouse wanted to go and confront Mr. Hewett about his sign. 2) “We Stopped him” - So the other members who were there had to “Stop” Mr. Shouse from going and personally confronting Mr. Hewett about his political sign. 3) “said that this was upsetting”  Mr. Shouse was emotionally upset with Mr. Hewett’s political sign. 4) “it was to all of us.” All the Legion Members gathered there were emotionally upset with Mr. Hewett’s political sign. 5)  “words were exchanged . . . with Mr. Shouse.”  Mr. Shouse did engage Mr. Hewett with words. It is evident by Mr. Champney’s statement that Mr. Shouse was upset with Mr. Hewett’s displaying a political sign he obviously didn’t agree with and that he started out towards Mr. Hewett to confront him in some way but had to be restrained in some manner by other Legion members!  The other Legion Members were also emotionally upset with Mr. Hewett’s political signage as well.  This will be apparent in a statement that Commander Holland will make later to the news media. A several things that stands out with Mr. Champney’s statement which he made within two hours of the incident that contradicts Kilby’s notes. In Champney’s statement he never stated that Mr. Hewett is grabbing his crouch, that he is approached by an unknown female nor that he yelled or said anything to Mr. Hewett. Darrell Atkins according to Kilby’s notes stated that he saw Hewett and heard him yelling but could not make out all that he yelled but did hear him repeat to come down here. He heard several of the Honor Guard yell that Hewett was going to get in trouble. When Commander Holland told everyone to load up, he got into the passenger seat of Shouse’s truck. Shouse was following the Commander and was the last in line.  When the Commander passed Hewett, Hewett turned and filmed the back the Commander’s car and stepped right out in front of Shouse. As we can see in the video  Mr. Adkins was standing in the group with Mr. Shouse and he was seated in the passenger seat of the truck Mr. Shouse was driving.  So Mr. Adkins had a front row seat as to what actions Mr. Shouse was taking that day.   In Mr. Adkins Police Witness Statement he makes a few important notes, one being that, “a few word’s cross” and (Champney confirms words were said between Mr. Shouse and Mr. Hewett, “words were exchanged.”)  Then he goes on to state, “. . . we the Legion started to leaf [sic] when Mr. Shouse drove toward the older man and stop in front of him . . .” It is important to note Mr. Adkins stated, “when Mr. Shouse drove toward the older man [Hewett].”  In another statement by Post Commander Don Holland he stated, “I noticed Ron [Shouse] was not behind me . . .”  (If you watch the video of the assault is it clear that Mr. Hewett is [not] standing in the middle of the street but in the parking area) that Mr. Shouse was following behind Don Holland’s vehicle and by Mr. Adkins account,  “Mr. Shouse drove toward the older man.”  This would mean and as the video shows Mr. Shouse had to change his direction of this travel from following Commander Holland and then drove toward where Mr. Hewett was standing in the parking area.  Clearly you see Commander Holland driving by Mr. Hewett and he was not standing in the middle of the roadway. If Mr. Shouse had stayed behind Commander Holland and not changed his direction of travel he would have driven right by Mr. Hewett as well.  You can also see that even before Holland passes Mr. Hewett, Shouse has already changed direction and charged towards Mr. Hewett twice, once stopping and the second accelerating towards him and hitting him.  This is seen and heard from two different camera angles, the body cam and the truck cam as well as witnesses who saw it happen, Mr. Pavlic and Rev. Lane.  Mr. Povlic can be heard right next to Mr. Hewett saying he saw it. According to Kilby, Phil Holt stated he was with the Honor Guard as they waited to go to a funeral when someone stated (again that anonymous person) that Hewett was campaigning on Post property and he heard Hewett yelling come over here and heard him yelling cowards and observed Hewett seem to become more agitated and stated that it had been a long time since seeing someone snap that quick over people trying to help. He also heard Hewett yelling at voters as they were driving away.  According Kilby he observed Hewett grabbing himself between his legs and did not see or hear any of the Honor Guard do or say anything out of line. Holt’s comments in his Voluntary Police Statement are nothing more than to make Mr. Hewett appear to be the one who started the incident and makes reference to his political signage, “Veterans Against Trump” with a “Hillary” sign attached.”  Contrary to Kilby’s notes does not mention a single word about Hewett grabbing his crotch. Like Kilby many of these people have selective hearing and seeing.  They claim to hear Hewett make comments yet can’t hear their own people standing next to them, nor see them flipping Mr. Hewett off.  Was there Obstruction of Justice / Interfering in a Judicial Proceeding?    SEE THE NEW VIDEO 11-30-16 There was  a court hearing where Mr. Hewett was there to answer for the charge against him for Disorderly Conduct by Jimmie Rosamond and Commander Don Holland.  According to Kilby’s notes, contact was made with Attorney Massey (Massey is a member of American Legion Post 290 Women’s Auxliary) and advised her of my present. Massey, informed me that she had made contact with Hewett’s Attorney and was told that the ADA was going to drop the charges against Hewett. Kilby, I asked why and was told that Hewett’s attorney told her that if she looked at the video it was plain that Hewett was provoked and that Hewett’s attorney had volunteered to show the video.  I asked to view the video also and Massey left the courtroom and later returned to escort me to the side hallway.  ADA Mark Miller was there, Massey and a person later ID’ed as Hewett’s attorney.  Massey, asked ADA Miller if it was true he was going to drop the charges and he stated he was leaning that way due to the Legionnaires provoking Hewett as what he had been told was on the video. Massey introduced me and asked Hewett’s attorney to view the video.  Hewett’s attorney refused to play her copy and stated it was irrelevant since the charges were going to be dismissed.  (Mr. Hewett’s attorney was surprised that non-court room personnel - Kilby and Massey not part of the proceeding were even allowed into this area of the court and allowed to see evidence yet to be presented into trial.) ADA Miller then offered to play his copy.  On the video it was not clear who was yelling (side-note it is clear, it was Shouse) as that it was some distance to the crowd. Hewett’s attorney attempted to narrate the video and state that the Legionnaires were provoking Hewett. Kilby, “I hear someone yelling that you can’t do that and you shouldn’t do that and stating you can’t campaign at the legion (side- not, you don’t hear anyone saying this). I asked to start the video over and asked to be able to hear without comments.  After it played I stated that I did not hear the Legionnaires provoking anyone.  I heard Hewett stating that he was member of the Post, actively campaigning, and stating he left his pamphlets in his vehicle, yelling provoking comments and calling people names.  You could tell that Hewett was not struck by a vehicle before or after he states same.  For me being a Veteran it sounded like members of the Post’s Honor Guard were trying to warn Hewett that he was going to get in trouble for his actions as they knew his actions were in violation of The American Legion Constitution.”  (Unbelievable Kilby’s injection of what only Kilby can hear) ADA Miller, stated that was what he heard too but for the current charge there must be an element of violence or the threat of violent act.  I advised that Hewett had been on local media stating that in his mind he was struck with a vehicle even though there is evidence on his video that he was not. (Please click on the Fox 8 Video, you will not see nor hear what Kilby just claimed nor was Mr. Hewet on any local media making this statement.) ADA Miller,  then stated that both charges need to be heard together and told us that he was going to continue Hewett’s case to be heard on January 3, 2017 with Shouse’s case. During the American Legion Appeal Hearing in July 2017 Kilby made a statement as to why Massey was there, “as a matter of fact when we went to court some of our members got their own lawyer to go to court even though they are witnesses.”  Why didn’t Kilby just state Massey’s name at this hearing, State Commander David Shore and the staff were at this meeting and if they had ask/hired her to be at the hearing then mentioning her name would have been no issue or is it that Kilby lied at the hearing and no one got their own lawyer to go to court? Now Kilby gives a different reason, for Massey’s presence,  “She was there because the American Legion was concerned that you know, he has a history of telling people that he's going to sue them. So some of the higher-ups in the Legion were concerned that he might try to sue them because this happened on, you know, Legion ground. So they got an attorney to go to court.  That was at the first hearing or the first time it was on the docket in Stokes. Because I was told to go witness what happened.” Who told you to go and witness what happened? The commander, David Shore. Why did he want you there? Because I was the one that was investigating the incident. Did you speak at the hearing? No, sir. So you were more than just a spectator? You were talking with the district attorneys about this matter? Yes. What did you talk to them about? I told them that, you know, I had been asked by the commander of the American Legion to investigate the incident. Were you advocating for charges to be brought against Mr. Hewett? No.· I wasn't advocating for charges. I wasn't advocating for them to be dismissed. I wasn't anything. I was just there, and I asked to see the video. That you weren't advocating Yeah. I wasn't, I didn't, one way or another, I didn't say. You know, the only thing that I said was, when I looked at the video, his lawyer had said that there was no indication that Mr. Hewett had done anything wrong, that he was … had been harassed. But then when you listen to the video, you can hear the Legionnaires telling him, saying “Hey, you shouldn't be doing that," or, you know, "You ain't supposed to be doing that," something to that effect, which he says that was harassment. At what point did you share your opinion with the DA that there was not an assault? I didn't.· My opinion that I shared with him was that Mr. Hewett says that he was being harassed. I said clearly he wasn't being harassed; it was veterans trying to warn him, is what they were doing. Clear this up for me.· Who was in that back room when you were talking? The back room?· It was Assistant District Attorney Miller.· There was the American Legion attorney, and there was Mr. Hewett's attorney and myself. And I don't know it was a female attorney. I hadn't ever seen her before. I don't know I don't remember what her name was. I don't even think I was ever told what her name was. Why did they let you in the back room with them? The American Legion attorney knew that I was there to witness the proceedings.  She (Massey) came to me and told me that she was told by Mr. Hewett's attorney that the assistant district attorney was going to drop the charges against Mr. Hewett. Did the American Legion attorney tell you why she was there? She was there because the American Legion was concerned that -- you know, he has a history of telling people that he's going to sue them. So some of the higher-ups in the Legion were concerned that he might try to sue them because this happened on, you know, Legion ground. So they got an attorney to go to court. Now we have two distinctly different reasons for Massey to be at this court hearing, she is either representing local members or she’s representing the interests of North Carolina American Legion or even the National American Legion.  Was she paid to be there by The American Legion, members present or was she doing it as a favor because she could gain access to the court? Mr. Hewett recalls her clearly since the bailiff on duty would not allow her to get passed the public area.  He was not familiar with her at all practicing law in Stokes County.  As much as she insisted she was an attorney he would not let her by. It was not until another attorney who recognized her from the Forsyth County Courts and vouched for her as being an attorney that she was then allowed to pass.  Mr. Hewett was sitting front row next to where the bailiff was standing and witnessed the entire exchange between the two.  It is apparent by this conversation she was not representing any witnesses or the plaintiffs in this case, otherwise she would have told the bailiff that she was, but was using her position as an attorney to gain access where Kilby could not. Many of us have been to both District and Superior court. We all know unless you’re a court official, active law enforcement or an attorney the bailiff will not allow you pass the public seating area.  Since Kilby was none of these he had no business nor any LEGAL AUTHORITY to enter this area.  Attorney Massey apparently used her position as an attorney for Kilby to gain access to the ADA, review “DEFENSE” evidence, make comments and obviously change the mind of the ADA into pursuing the charge.  Is this Obstruction of Justice / Interfering in a Judicial Proceeding? By all indications it would appear so! The American Legion wanted to see what video evidence the Mr. Hewett had against Mr. Shouse and the Post 290 Membership.  This was way for them to review a video the had not legal access to see.  If the members were acting as individuals why did the American Legion send a attorney and Kilby to gain access to Defense Evidence?  However, every single individual from the American Legion was there in full American Legion uniform and as per a letter from the National Office when membership appears in public in their cap and uniform they are representing the American Legion. Kilby by his own account made comments and personal observations contrary to what was on the video and influenced ADA Miller to change his mind from dismissing the charge that day against Mr. Hewett.  It appears that The American Legion through Commander Kilby and Attorney Massey obstructed, interfered and gained influence over a judicial official and proceedings in order to procure a trial against Mr. Hewett. Mr. Hewett’s attorney had already discussed a dismissal with ADA Miller prior to the hearing and were just waiting for the Judge to enter the court. The defendant was represented by counsel and the complainants were both represented by the District Attorney’s office.  This was not a private prosecution, Massey was not representing the plaintiff(s) and had no business looking at defense evidence in this criminal trial.  Furthermore, neither did Kilby.  If he was asked by State Commander David Shore “to go witness what happened,”  why did he take it upon himself and Attorney Massey in asking to see evidence in a trial they were not a party too.   Both were there to “witness the proceedings.”  That means watch the hearing from the public area and do not interfere with the ADA or the Defense Attorney! Why was this important?  The fact that Mr. Hewett was assaulted by a uniformed member Ronald Shouse of American Legion Post 290 and it happened on American Legion property, the member violated state and federal election laws, state criminal and motor vehicle laws. The charge by Legion members against Mr. Hewett was a cross warrant/criminal summons in either retaliation to the King Police filing criminal charges against Mr. Shouse or they needed to proceed with a trial and possible conviction against Mr. Hewett so they could claim he was the instigator and incited the incident instead of Mr. Shouse. This is akin to jury tampering except in District Court it’s just the District Attorney or his ADA, the Judge, defendant and plaintiff/witnesses.  In no other court have we ever seen where an ADA allows so called disinterested parties access to defense evidence prior to a judicial hearing or even afterwards.  Attorney Massey was not Jimmie Rosemond’s nor Don Holland’s personal attorney.  Commander Kilby has no Federal, State or Local law enforcement authority to request access to review evidence nor express opinions/influence to a ADA prior to a judicial hearing.  His American Legion investigative authority stopped at the court room door and to be that of only an observer in the public area to the proceedings in the court room. By Kilby’s own admission as well as Attnorey Massy’s comment to him ADA Miller was going to dismiss the charges that day as per Mr. Hewett’s attorney.  Only after Kilby made is own personal one-sided observations and comments to ADA Miller that he then changed his mind and chose to pursue charges against Mr. Hewett. Three days later Mr. Hewett’s attorney met with the DA and the ADA’s where they agreed to the original dismissal agreement without interference/influence nor with any consultation with Commander Kilby or Ms Massey.  Much to Mr. Hewett’s surprise and without notification a month later ADA Langan dismissed the charges against Mr. Shouse, “IN THE INTEREST OF JUSTICE/NO INJURIES TO VICTIM.”  Yet in order for there to be a “VICTIM” there has to be a crime! How does the DA’s Office call this Justice?  Mr. Hewett was assaulted and Mr. Shouse endangered the lives of men, women and children present at the election that day.  Just what back-door Attorney dealings were going on?  ADA Langan was also running for District Court Judge, was there influence by The American Legion the charge being dismissed against their member? No doubt by not prosecuting an American Legion member, especially when the victim is a well know Atheist Activist in the community this was a sure way to get votes from Legion Members who lived in Stokes and Surry County, “Lagan for District Court Judge!” Btw, he did win that election. Also Kilby states, “Commander Holland stated that he wanted charges brought on Hewett in The American Legion … and told me to check into what need to be done.” Commander Holland wanted Mr. Hewett expelled from the Legion and Post.  You can see his, Rosamond’s and other Post members animosity towards Mr. Hewett  in their fabrication of evidence and lies to accomplish their goal.  It was Kilby’s assigned mission to investigate and bring charges for Hewett’s expulsion from the American Legion. Continue to part two where you can read about the: Writ of summons against Mr. Hewett, Post 290’s trial Mr. Hewett’s Appeal to the State Legion Ultimately the State Legion’s upholding of the expulsion. Continued to Part 2.
New Conversation with Randy Cash having no knowledge of Marilyn Massey.