A Soldier’s Fight for the First Amendment
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Post 290 Commander Clifton Kilby

Commander Cliff Kilby

The current Post 290 Commander is Clifton Kilby.  Prior to November of 2016 Mr. Hewett had no idea who Clifton Kilby was and the only time Mr. Hewett had ever met him was in 2015 when Mr. Hewett had not yet received his Post 290 membership card and Kilby was in charge of issuing them.  That all changed after Mr. Hewett was assaulted November 8, 2016 by American Legion member Ronald Shouse while Mr. Hewett was electioneering at Post 290, which was being rented by the Stokes Co. Board of Elections as a polling station. If American Legion member Ronald Shouse had not hit Mr. Hewett with his truck that day it is doubtful that their paths would have ever crossed.  But this day brought about events that put Kilby on a path to have Mr. Hewett expelled from the American Legion, make disparaging comments and statement to the Stokes Co. Board of Elections when Mr. Hewett ran for political office. Mr. Kilby brought false criminal and civil actions against Mr. Hewett when he ran as a candidate for Forsyth Co. Sheriff and due to his actions there are now a civil lawsuit, Steven Hewett v Clifton Kilby. The assault and American Legion expulsion Mr. Hewett can freely discuss as well as the bogus criminal and civil actions Kilby as a candidate for Sheriff took out on Mr. Hewett since the cases has been adjudicated, both which was in Mr. Hewett’s favor.  As for the Mr. Hewett’s civil lawsuit against Kilby, since it is an on going legal action Mr. Hewett will remain silent about what has transpired since the filing of the lawsuit.  We will post the lawsuit since it is an open legal document at this time.  Mr. Kilby is being sued for Abuse of Process/Malicious Prosecution.


First we have to look at what made their paths cross in the first place and that would be November 8, 2016 during the Presidential Elections.  American Legion Post 290 was being used as a polling station by the Stokes Co. Board of Elections, however, that was about to change.  If not for Post 290 member Ronald Shouse willfully and wantonly running into Mr. Hewett with his truck at the polling station this documentary and website would probably not exist, nor the events falling it. Please click on the pictures below to the pages that will discuss following events and issues. 1)  The Assault 2)  Kilby’s Investigation 3)  Post 290 member Jimmie Rosamond fabrications to expel Mr. Hewett from the Post 4)  The Expulsion 5)  Post 290 Polling Station changed 6)  Kilby for Sheriff 7)  Kilby filing bogus charges