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King Police Department’s Investigation
Honor - Integrity - Personal Courage

This is the investigation done by the King Police into the assault by American Legion

Member Ronald Shouse and the charges King Police brought against him.  This

case file and evidence was refused to be allowed at the American Legion Appeal

hearing since it would have cleared me of doing what Jimmie Rosamond and

Commander Kilby accused me of, thus lying in their affidavits.

One of the accusations that Jimmie Rosamond made was; “...On November 8, 2016, Steven Hewett (203631 154) was recognized by the public as being a member of The American Legion on Post 290 property and he verbally stated that he was a member of The American Legion. While campaigning at Post 290 in King, North Carolina he told people that was going into Post 290 to vote and exited that he were a member of The American Legion. He become verbally abusive toward members of Post 290 and directed provoking speech and gestures with his middle finger and grabbing his crotch repeatedly in view of the public and including a Female Legionnaire.” I was never verbally abusive, I never said any provoking speech, I never told anyone going into or out of the voting precinct I was a member of the Legion, I never grabbed my crotch, I did flip Ronald Shouse the middle finger after he had flipped be off, which I have said I did, you can see Shouse doing so on the video. This is a blatant all out false statement, we call that a LIE! Not a single statement made by anyone that day and even Rosemond’s himself states that I grabbed my crouch at anytime.  Not even other Legion members who made statements, a minister or others who were at the polling precinct at the time. Please go to Rosamond’s page here and read the analysis of his three statements he’s made and see how he will embellish each one, nothing more than a liar! Even some of the so called witnesses like Stokes Co. Militia Leader Darrell Calloway lied in his statement, he knows me and is a know liar.  He didn’t see anything since Don Holland’s vehicle blocked any view he could of had, that’s clearly seen in the video.  The bottom line is both Commander Clifton Kilby and Jimmie Rosamond LIED to the American Legion and did so to disparage my name to the Post and Legion in order to have me expelled from the Post.  What sad little group of people! Officer Dula’s incident report and charges against American Legion Post 290 Member Ronald Shouse.
King Police Case File 16110810201
Commander Kilby 2nd Vice Commander Rosamond
Witness Statements made the day of the incident.
My Statement
Mr. Polvic Eye Witness standing next to me, can be heard on the stating, I saw it, you hit him.
Mr. Lane (minister) confirming I was hit.
Post 290 Legion members statements, of course they will lie to imply I started the incident, but the video proves otherwise.  In Champney’s statement he confirms that Shouse wanted to come over to me, that he was upset because I was exercising my right to freedom of speech with my political sign.
Ronald Shouse
Jimmie Rosamond
Ronald Champney
Don Holland
Phil Holt
Darrell Atkins
Darrell Calloway (Known Liar About Me)
Gary Thomas
Dwayne Bryant Lied in his statement. Even contradicted himself when  talking to the police.
Other Witnesses