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The American Legion Willfully and Wantonly discriminates against a

fellow Veteran and former Post 290 member violating his freedom

of religion and speech.

American Legion Post 290 and the North Carolina American Legion expelled Mr. Hewett from the American Legion for being an atheist and standing up for Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech! Post 290 members made false statements in their affidavits to have Mr. Hewett removed from the post! This documentary will show what actions post members used and their prejudices against those who don’t adhere to their political and religous views. Actions by Post 290 members during the lawsuit, hewett v city of king When Mr. Hewett was assaulted by a uniformed American Legion member while he electioneering during the 2016 Elections. Post 290’s attempt to keep Mr. Hewett from the property while he was a candidate for City Council Commander Kilby’s actions and false statements to the Stokes County Board of Elections Clifton Kilby’s false statements to the courts and actions to keep Mr. Hewett silent about his character, honesty and integrity as a candidate for Sheriff of Forsyth County.

Honor - Integrity - Personal Courage Documentary

American Legion Post 290, King, NC
Coming Soon: Book and DvD video series
New Cliff Kilby page where we will post video commentary on outrageous claims he’s made and continue to makes to this day.
Please Read in detail the following Pages for the upcoming civil trial against Clifton Kilby