A Soldier’s Fight for the First Amendment
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Made False Statements and Perjured Himself

Known by the public as an American Legion Post 290 member, Member of the Honor Guard and current Post 290 Trustee. Also known to have made a false affidavit and document in support of the American Legion becoming a Movant Intervener in the case of hewett v city of king. Mr. Calloway also submitted a fake receipt written to the Stokes Co. Arts. Council who never ordered nor payed for the kneeling soldier cross at the Veterans Memorial. These documents were made to support a false affidavit by then Vice Commander Don Holland. They were submitted by the Liberty Institute Attorneys to the U. S. Court for the Middle District of North Carolina who had been hired by the American Legion to defend their so-called interest in the kneeling soldier cross silhouette. Bottom line they lied to become part of the lawsuit. What a dishonorable lot these group is and many of them lying to run Mr. Hewett out of the Post. Mr. Hewett was attacked by Post 290 member Ronald Shouse on November 8, 2016 while the Post was being used as a polling location by Stokes Co. BOE.

Disparaging Gesture

Flipping Mr. Hewett off at the 2011 Memorial Day Service at the Veterans Memorial. At that time Mr. Hewett was also a member of the Post 290 and Mr. Calloway’s actions were unbecoming a Legionnaire. As you can see this was done in public where people had gathered to Honor our War Dead. Nothing was done to Mr. Calloway for showing his disrepect at the service or to another Legion Member.

Affidavit of Carl F. ("Butch") Calloway in Support of Defendant

Intervenors American Legion and American Legion Post 290

On July 24, 2013 Carl Calloway swore out an affidavit in support of objections to Motion to Intervene. The only problem with his affidavit is just as Holland’s it is partial filled with facts, yet makes a false statement concerning his time and labor being donated. Documents from the City of King reflect a bid and receipt for the construction of the kneeling soldier silhouette (statue). Neither express materials only, nor reflect that he’s donating his time and labor in his capacity as an officer and member of American Legion Post 290. This was done as a feeble attempt to try to connect Post 290 and the American Legion in having some type of vested interest in the Kneeling Soldier (Christian) Cross Silhouette. 6. “. . . I did not charge the CAAC or the City of King any money for the time and labor necessary to fabricate the Statue as part of this invoice. Instead, I donated the time and labor necessary to fabricate the Statue by choice and in my capacity as an officer and member of American Legion Post 290.” I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and accurate. As you can see on March 20, 2010 Butch’s Portable Welding placed a “BID” with the City of King for the construction of the Kneeling Soldier Silhouette. Nowhere on the bid does it state anything about donating time or labor as a member of the American Legion Post 290, in fact it states, “As Quoted $250.00.” Calloway even went so far as to falsify one of his companies invoices. He whited out the invoice number, made it out to Stokes County Arts Council (which had nothing at all to do with the silhouette) and had it notarized as if to give it some type of legitimacy as being a valid document. Mind you this is being submitted to the Federal Courts as evidence and as such he falsified a document to deceive the Federal Court into believing that the American Legion had a vested interest in the silhouette and the outcome of the case.

Stokes County Arts Council

Mr. Eddy McGee is the Director of the Stokes County Arts Council has personal knowledge concerning the Veterans Memorial as well as the Kneeling Soldier Cross Silhouette. Mr. McGee in a telephone conversation confirmed that the Arts Council had nothing to do with the Kneeling Soldier Cross Silhouette. Question: That the Stokes County Arts Council commissioned this silhouette? A: Mr. McGee, “Absolutely not, Absolutely not, I’ll even stop you there, we had absolutely nothing to do with that kneeling statute. I knew nothing about it, the Stokes County Arts Council knew nothing about it.” As you can hear Mr. McGee is extremely adamant about the fact that the Arts Council had “absolutely nothing to do with the kneeling Statue.” With this being a fact, why did both Holland and Calloway express knowledge that the Stokes County Arts Council was involved? Even more misleading and grievous was that Calloway made and swore to a FAKE receipt claiming the Arts Council ordered the silhouette, paid for it and that he used that fake receipt to make it appear he donated his time and labor in his official capacity as a Post 290 official. This is just appalling dishonest actions by both these members.

In Conclusion

Post 290 Trustee Carl Callaway knowingly and willingly made a false statement under oath to deceive the Federal Courts into believing that Post 290 and the American Legion has a vested interest in the knelling soldier silhouette when in fact they did not! Complaints were “officially” filed with NC American Legion Dept. Adjutant Trierian Cash with the above documentation. Both Legion Members Donald Holland and Carl Calloway violated the North Carolina Constitution and By-Laws in being disloyal to the American Legion, neglecting their duty as Legion members, this goes without saying - Dishonest - in their affidavits to deceive the Federal Courts, tarnishing the “good name of The American Legion” and finally conduct unbecoming of a member of The American Legion! Both State Adjutant Tierian Cash and Judge Advocate Gaither Keener, Jr refused to take action against individuals at Post 290 for violations that have been reported to them concerning the lawsuit and other post members who lied in order to expel Mr. Hewett from Post 290 and the American Legion. It is evident that the American Legion is biased, bigoted and prejudicial against those who do not fit into their religious or political views. To this day both Don Holland and Carl Calloway still serve as members of the American Legion as well as are officers within Post 290.

Honor - Integrity - Personal Courage Documentary

Trustee Carl (Butch) Calloway