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Former Candidate for Forsyth Co. Sheriff Clifton Kilby

Former Candidate Clifton Kilby’s Background

Violates Mr. Hewett’s Freedom of Speech

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On these next pages we will follow the events of Clifton (Cliff) Kilby’s 2018 run for Forsyth County Sheriff and some of the postings from Kilby’s candidate 2014 & 2018 website(s), his candidate FaceBook pages, John Cox (Kilby’s Webmaster and promoter) as well as from Veterans Against Kilby for Sheriff FaceBook Page and a short background on Kilby himself and what kind of person he appears to be. We’ll make some observations about comments Kilby makes about the other candidates, Tim Wooten and Bobby Kimbrough as well as past comments he’s made during his run for Sheriff in 2014 when he was a registered Republican. We’ll ask some questions as to why he had to bully and silence Mr. Hewett who was merely exercising his rights to freedom of speech about candidates, yet Kilby could make all the disparaging comments he wanted about the other candidates. Isn’t that hypocritical of him, to bully and silence another yet spread rumors and disparaging remarks about opposition candidates? There is not a lot that you can find about Kilby since he doesn’t do any personal social media and never seems to talk about himself or his past other than his bio for political office. This in itself doesn’t tell us what Kilby is actually like as an individual. However, we do have a bit of insight into Kilby’s past that reflects upon him as someone we would never want to be in any political office. As for his political website and FaceBook pages he has John Cox who was his webmaster/FaceBook editor who makes comments and statements for him with his apparent approval. This is supported in email communications between the two where Cox will make a writing for posting and then ask Kilby for approval to post it. This is somewhat problematic for someone who would be ‘if elected’ the Sheriff of Forsyth County. Why do we make this observation, it shows that the individual himself not being able to write coherent sentences and paragraphs. We don’t need to look much further than the affidavits he took out on Mr. Hewett to see his spelling, grammar and sentence structure. No wonder he has Cox do his write ups! As for his background we did find, a bit of disturbing information about his divorce from his first wife which was found in court records that indicate just the type of person Kilby really is and a video of Mr. Wooten explaining an assault by Kilby upon a handcuffed individual.

Kilby’s Wife (former) Flees North Carolina taking the children with her

Mr. Kilby was married to Maria Kilby and between them they have three children. Court records show in a “Protective Order” obtained by Kilby that - on or about October 27, 1991, … “the defendant (Maria Kilby) vanished and did not inform the plaintiff (Kilby) of her whereabouts or the whereabouts of the minor children. That the plaintiff has been informed that the defendant and the minor children are residing in the State of the Missouri and the Defendant has filed an action in Missouri, …” Up to this point what do we know about Kilby? 1. He served in the US Army for three years only obtaining the rank of Specialist E-4. He then switched to the Marines serving only three years and obtaining the rank of Corporal E-4. This means he had a total of six years active duty and could not get above the rank of E-4. 2. He became employed with the Forsyth Co Sheriff’s Office. 3. He married Maria and has three children from that marriage. 4. On or about October 27, 1991 his wife vanished (fled) with the children to another state. 5. Stated in the proceeding it was Kilby who had to go through extensive Mental Health Counselling by Dr. Cook. He was not allowed to have overnight visitation with the minor children until such time as same is authorized by Dr. A. Richard Cook and Beverly Broyles.” 6. According to Mr. Wooten (Former shift member with Kilby and Sheriff Candidate) has stated Kilby assaulted a handcuffed arrestee in Wooten’s custody. What can we extrapolate from these findings about Kilby himself? First his military career ‘is what it is’ and government records do not indicate he was any sort of exceptional soldier. In fact, most soldiers have obtained the rank of Sergeant E-5 which Kilby could not obtain prior to his sixth year of service. We can speculate that Kilby left service for that reason or maybe he just felt that wasn’t a career path for him, he’s never spoken publicly about it other than in his bio for Sheriff. Now let’s look into his marriage and divorce. This is one of the most disturbing parts of Kilby’s past is that his former wife fled/vanished with their children, according to the Complaint 92CVD1401 “left Forsyth County, North Carolina and has secreted herself from the Defendant the Plaintiff, and has secreted the minor children from the Plaintiff, …” What can we learn from this and extrapolate as to what kind of person Kilby is or was at this time? What makes a wife fear for herself and her children’s personal safety fleeing, taking them out of state and hiding themselves from Kilby? Nothing in the orders/complaints indicates that we know of physical abuse. However, we all know that emotional and psychological abuse can be as traumatic if not more than physical abuse, stated, “… that there has been significant difficulty between the Plaintiff and the Defendant in the past.” By all indications from her having to take the children and flee to another state this may very well be the case, as apparent the extensive mental health counseling ordered by the court for Kilby and the three children. Nowhere do we find that she was ordered into mandatory mental health counseling herself, just Kilby and the children. It appears that Kilby has/had some serious mental health issues and it currently seems to be apparent in his compulsive lying about Mr. Hewett. Kilby was ordered to see Dr. Cook A Richard PhD, Wellness profile - “is a Psychologist office located in Winston Salem, NC. A psychologist focuses on the evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioral health issues. A clinical psychologist uses psychotherapy and other counseling skills to improve emotional and mental health.” We are certain that for her to take this most drastic measure to protect herself and children from Kilby that they must have been the victim(s) of emotional and psychological abuse and taking the only course of action she could to get away from him. Apparent by packing everything up and the fleeing, we suspect while he was working his shift at the Sheriff’s Department. Why did she flee out of state to Missouri? We can answer that by the fact Kilby was a law enforcement officer, a Sheriff’s Deputy. We all know from stories we’ve read how individual(s) in law enforcement have gotten their buddies to harass and intimidate their soon to be ex-spouses and no doubt she feared this if she stayed in North Carolina. Also Kilby had access to information only law enforcement officers can gain access, i.g. driver license and vehicle registration enabling them to tract down their ex’s. We all have seen the research done into Domestic Violence which shows it just doesn’t have to be physical violence but emotional and psychological abuse as well. Overtime this emotional and psychologically abuse can be damaging to the victim as well as the children who witness this abuse or are victims themselves, as may be in this case since the children were ordered into counseling. Let’s talk about some of the possible reasons she fled with her children; Emotional and Psychological Abuse. Mayo Clinic, https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/adult-health/in-depth/domestic-violence/art-20048397 Domestic violence can take many forms, including emotional, sexual and physical abuse and threats of abuse. Abusive relationships always involve an imbalance of power and control. An abuser uses intimidating, hurtful words and behaviors to control his or her partner. Emotional Abuse Signs and Symptoms It might not be easy to identify domestic violence at first. While some relationships are clearly abusive from the outset, abuse often starts subtly and gets worse over time. You might be experiencing domestic violence if you're in a relationship with someone who: Calls you names, insults you or puts you down Prevents or discourages you from going to work or school or seeing family members or friends Tries to control how you spend money, where you go, what medicines you take or what you wear Acts jealous or possessive or constantly accuses you of being unfaithful Gets angry when drinking alcohol or using drugs Tries to control whether you can see a health care provider Threatens you with violence or a weapon Hits, kicks, shoves, slaps, chokes or otherwise hurts you, your children or your pets Forces you to have sex or engage in sexual acts against your will Blames you for his or her violent behavior or tells you that you deserve it Create a safety plan Leaving an abuser can be dangerous. Consider taking these precautions: Call a women's shelter or domestic violence hotline for advice. Make the call at a safe time — when the abuser isn't around — or from a friend's house or other safe location. Pack an emergency bag that includes items you'll need when you leave, such as extra clothes and keys. Leave the bag in a safe place. Keep important personal papers, money and prescription medications handy so that you can take them with you on short notice. Know exactly where you'll go and how you'll get there. Protect your communication and location An abuser can use technology to monitor your telephone and online communication and to track your location. If you're concerned for your safety, seek help. To maintain your privacy: Use phones cautiously. Your abuser might intercept calls and listen to your conversations. He or she might use caller ID, check your cellphone or search your phone billing records to see your call and texting history. Use your home computer cautiously. Your abuser might use spyware to monitor your emails and the websites you visit. Consider using a computer at work, the library or at a friend's house to seek help. Remove GPS devices from your vehicle. Your abuser might use a GPS device to pinpoint your location. Frequently change your email password. Choose passwords that would be impossible for your abuser to guess. Clear your viewing history. Follow your browser's instructions to clear any record of websites or graphics you've viewed. No doubt that Maria was aware of the above recommendations by the Mayo Clinic and had prepared ahead of time a plan to free herself and children of Kilby. The divorce filings show that Maria obtained final custody of the children, “That the court finds that it is in the best interest of the minor children that they be placed in the primary care, custody and control of the Defendant; …” Certainly we can side with Maria in having to take the drastic measures to protect and free herself and her children from any emotional and psychological abuse that they may have been subjected too. Judges Order for Custody November 4, 1993 an order was signed by Judge Margaret Sharpe ordering, “XII That the Court finds that it is in the best interests of the minor children that they be placed in primary care, custody and control of the Defendant, …” Furthermore, “XI That the Court finds that based upon the testimony of the Plaintiff and the Defendant, as well as the testimony of Richard A. Cook, Ph.D and Beverly Broyles, the children are well-adjusted; that there has been significant difficulty between the Plaintiff and the Defendant in the past. Former Forsyth Co. Deputy Kilby and 2018 Sheriff Candidate Tim Wooten During the 2018 Forsyth Co. Sheriff’s race another former Sheriff’s Deputy ran for office in opposing Kilby, that was Tim Wooten. Both Kilby and Wooten worked together on the same shift, so Wooten would have first hand knowledge of Kilby’s demeanor. During this election at a meet & greet for Sheriff candidates (Kilby did not attend) a question was asked of Mr. Wooten concerning an incident where Kilby assaulted a handcuffed arrestee. KILBY ASSAULTS HANDCUFFED MAN NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE! According to Mr. Wooten who worked side by side with Kilby at the Forsyth Co. Sheriff's Office. At the time Sgt. Kilby was Corporal Wooten's supervisor and while on a domestic call Kilby assaulted a handcuffed individual Wooten had arrested, not just once, but TWICE! Being a first hand witness, Wooten's account is factual in that Kilby violated this man's Federal Civil Rights and committed a crime under North Carolina State Law. Both of which should be investigated and charges brought if found that he did committed this heinous act of violence!


Here are at least few examples of what type of personality behavior Kilby emulates. By all accounts his now ex-wife and her children must have suffered great emotional and psychological abuse during the marriage. For her to take such a drastic measure as too secretly flee in order to free herself and children from Kilby. We see through Mr. Wooten’s account the physical abuse Kilby is capable of while he was a Sheriff’s Deputy. Furthermore, we also see the false statements Kilby has made about Mr. Hewett to the courts, the North Carolina American Legion and the Stokes County Board of Elections. Obviously, Kilby has some possible emotional and psychological issues. It is possible his behavior could be defined as a pathological liar: “… pathological lying has been defined as falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime.” Kilby has on multiple occasions made false statements that have been clearly proven to be false through audio or video of his comments as well as court documents that show his statements are nothing more than a fabrication of his mind. You can clearly see this in reading comments he has made here on this website. We have no doubt that Kilby will continue on this track of false statements. He continues to maintain that his version and his version alone are based upon facts and that Mr. Hewett has some type of power to make people believe what he says is the truth. All you have to do is watch the video of the assault November 8, 2016 to see the facts, read the statements by the witnesses and the police report/charges as well as read through all the evidence presented in the website. Kilby has yet to dispute any of this or to present facts that support his claims. We are more than willing for him to present in writing any part he wishes to dispute and state factual evidence, not his delusional beliefs! Continue on to Page 2 for Kilby’s failed run in 2014 & 2018 for Sheriff.
Kilb’s Wife Vanishes.
“Secreted herself”.
“Secreted the Minor Children”
Kilb’s Manditory Counceling.
Tim Wooten former Forysth Co Sheriff Candidate confirming Kilby assualted a handcuffed arrestee.
Judges Order