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Former Candidate for Forsyth Co. Sheriff Clifton Kilby

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Violates Mr. Hewett’s Freedom of Speech

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On this page we will follow the events between Clifton (Cliff) Kilby’s 2018 run for Forsyth County Sheriff and some of the postings from Kilby’s 2018 website(s), his candidate Facebook pages, John Cox (Kilby’s Webmaster and promoter) as well as from Veterans Against Kilby for Sheriff FaceBook Page. Kilby had his campaign page shut down and removed, but here you can still find the screen shots of what he said and comments about the other candidates.

2018 Run for Sheriff Cliff Kilby

As we can see Mr. Hewett had already been campaigning against Kilby for Sheriff on the Forsyth Co Democratic Party Facebook Page as well emails to Kilby through is campaign pages and email accounts. All of which were political in nature. Kilby already knew that Mr. Hewett opposed his run for Sheriff and was now publicly opposing his run. Here are some of the postings from both Kilby’s - new Website Kilby For Sheriff and Mr. Hewett’s Veterans Against: Kilby for Sheriff. John Cox didn’t update Kilby’s website until midway through the election. We should note that Kilby makes statements, disparaging remarks, rebuttals and comments about Candidates Tim Wooten and Bobby Kimbrough on his website. Yet he does not respond to postings on Veterans Against: Kilby for Sheriff. Where he would have ample opportunity to do so and discount any comments or postings that he alleges to be false as stated in his affidavit for the Criminal Summons and the 50C Cyberstalking charge. We won’t bore you with all his website’s pages so well post those we feel that are relevant.

To the Citizens of Forsyth County

In the section of his website “To the Citizens of Forsyth County” Kilby talks about educating yourself about the candidates. “One of his favorite quotes, “The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all” - President John F. Kennedy.” “Please do more than check out the candidate’s websites, for what is placed on them is only what the candidate wishes for you to know. … my Grandmother’s favorite quote from the Bible from Luke 12:2 - “Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known” applies to this campaign for Sheriff.” We could not agree with him more, ‘all’ candidates should be scrutinized concerning their past and present. Their backgrounds should be an open book and as you’ve read about Kilby he doesn’t want anyone to know his. Kilby has a lot to say about Wooten and Kimbrough and their past, but Kilby doesn’t want his past questioned or brought to light. What comes around doesn’t go around when it comes to Kilby, having his past exposed or questions as we learn the lies he’s spread about Mr. Hewett for exposing of his lack of character and integrity, Kilby and his campaign manger were adamant about silencing Mr. Hewett during the election.

To the Current Employees

Kilby reitorates the fact he is running as a Democrat, yet “I would have the same beliefs if I was registered in another party, but why I mention this is to also tell people that they need to register as a Democrat or Unaffiliated to be able to vote for me in the primary.” This is a reoccuring theme with Kilby. Much to his chagrin he had opponants running against him in this election, unlike in 2014 when Schatzman didn’t have any Democratic opposition. Kilby being a life long Republican changed parties thinking he was a shoe-in for the Democratic candidate. Since he had two other’s running against him he needed to let the Republicans know that even though he is running as a Democrat that his ‘beliefs were the same as if he was still registered as a Republican’. Just unbelievable the ignorance he displays in making such a statement on his FaceBook page and his candidate website. He just told all Democrats that he’s a Republican mascrading as a Democratic candidate. This goes to show this mindset and ignorance of politics in general! Democrats were not fooled by this play and Mr. Hewett exposed Kilby’s position as him being a “sheep in wolf’s clothing.” Kilby’s Attack upon Kimbrough Kilby’s main opponent was Bobby Kimbrough and he attacked him viciously with some of the lowest attacks by attacking his career as a Federal Agent, his supporters with ties to alleged illegal sweepstakes operations, his campaign manager Cynthia Hagie Fraser being a continued suspect in her husband’s murder and using gossip relayed to him by unnamed women whom Kilby claims approached him about Kimbrough. Let’s look at some of Kilby’s allegations. 1. Kilby makes comments that Kimbrough uses “hot button words, such as leadership, accountability and transparency.” Here’s Kilby’s Hot Button Words: 1. “I am a decorated and respected Veteran” No, you’re not. Participation ribbons do not make you, “decorated.” 2. “I have supervised more Deputies” Yea, that’s because Kimbrough is a Federal Agent! 3. “I have handled larger budgets than any other candidate.” We’re still waiting on proof of that. 4. “I have more experience in Law Enforcement than the current Sheriff.” I guess you don’t count his time in the FBI as Law Enforcement. LOL We do know this that Kilby lacks in Integrity, Honesty, Truthfulness and Trustworthiness - so there’s some Hot Button Words! 2. Tries to diminish Kimbrough’s federal career in accusing him of lack of supervisory experience yet doesn’t support that claim with any evidence other than conjecture. 3. Kilby claims, “From talking to some that have been on the Federal Task Force, when Bobby was needed he was not around” But names no one from the Task Force itself. So we have to take Kilby’s word for it, yea right! 4. Kilby repeating “gossip or making it up.” “While at Galilee Missionary Baptist Church in February for a service . . . I was approached by two females, who informed me that Bobby Kimbrough gets his way with his good looks and sophisticated use of language.” Again, no names just a gossip story from Kilby! Even then, wow, Kilby are you jealous over his good looks and use of the English language. 5. “One stated that one of her girlfriends paid Kimbrough’s car payment for months and never rode in the car.” 6. “It was stated that Kimbrough was loaned money to get his books published and has not repaid the funds.” Seriously, you make this conjecture without any supporting evidence. 7. “A lady called while she was waiting at a doctor’s office telling me (Kilby) of an article in Forsyth Women’s Magazine that Kimbrough had written . . . playing on the sympathy of women . . . about the death of Kimbrough’s wife.” “ I (Kilby) was planning to find a copy but before I did over 20 women had contacted me stating similar concerns.” Are you serious? More than 20 Women contacted Kilby over similar concerns. I wonder if Kilby’s wife knows 20 women are calling him? This is just so comical that Kilby thinks people are going to believe him with these outrageous comments. Where are the names of your sources, nowhere! 8. This is the lowest of the low that someone like Kilby can sink too picking on a man’s dead wife. Kimbrough even admits what happened to him with his wife’s drug addiction and like many families they never see the signs. Even law enforcement officers throughout our nation have experienced this within their own families, their wives and children being addicted and not seeing those signs until it’s to late. Yes, we can understand Kimbrough wanting to protect his children and family from the pain, guilt and agony of knowing that they didn’t recognize the signs and living with society’s stigma of a family member dying of a drug addition, telling them instead it was an aneurysm to help alleviate their pain. For Kilby to use this and point this out in the manner he did shows just what a disgusting human being he truly is! He has no empathy or compassion for those who have gone through this tragic event. We are so lucky that Kilby lost the election! 9. Then Kilby attacks Kimbrough’s campaign manager Cynthia Hagie. “I recognized Cynthia Hagie Fraser as one who is tied to one of the few unsolved murders here. Cynthia’s husband, Rodney Lee Link, was murdered in November 2001 and is still unsolved.” Kilby is implying that Cynthia is a suspect into her husband’s death because it’s still unsolved. This is reason not to vote for Kimbrough having some type of shadow over people he is associated with. Again, Kilby is such a disgusting individual to pull up the murder of Cynthia’s husband and try to use that as a political tool. When he did this openly in public at a forum the room broke out in a gasp and started to yell their disgust at Kilby. Kimbrough having the integrity he does appologized on Kilby’s behalf to Cynthia who was present when it happened. For the record Cynthia was cleared by the police of any connection to her husband’s death and has to live everyday knowing that the murderer is still walking free. Kilby has no empathy at all for another’s suffering, but uses that for his own selfish motives! 10. “. . . in Triad City Beat . . . most of his campaign money has come from folks with ties to the illegal sweepstake’s operation.” The article is attached and everyone can read it and see how Kilby twisted it. However, Kilby again is trying to imply that Kimbrough is somehow associated to criminals and illegal activities and those individuals are trying to influence him. This is so typical Kilby to twist a story in his delusional mind-set. First off no one was a criminal nor were the sweepstake’s operations illegal at the time. If anyone were to look into this the state legislature and the laws they would know that these operations were legal until the legislature changed the law. Even then there was a court challenge and until that challenge made its way through the courts a stay was in effect until the court process was exhausted and they could operate until that time. As for the City Beat article it should never have had Kimbrough in it, it was more about other people and what transpired with the sweepstake’s. Again, no criminal activity nor charges. Kilby just trying to make anything into something for his own political gain and it didn’t work! All this was a pathetic attempt of Kilby to disparage and discredit an honorable, caring, family man. It is just typical of Kilby running his mouth without any supportive evidence of his claims; she said this to me while I just happened to be sitting next to her at the doctors office and she got a phone call, women came up to me and told me about Kimbrough being good looking and can use the English language with sophistication, he borrowed money and hasn’t paid it back, he wouldn’t let her ride in his car, 20 women contact me about Kimbrough, all we hear from Kilby is unsubstantiated GOSSIP! What a piece of work he is that Kilby could not just try to stand on his own laurels as a candidate. Kilby’s Attack upon Wooten Another candidate for Sheriff was Tim Wooten, and he also was a former Forsyth Co. Sheriff’s Deputy and actually worked with Kilby on a shift. Kilby’s attacks are similar to that of Kimbrough. Attack his career, and I heard this from relatives of former employees, blah, blah, blah! Same rhetoric that we’ve heard from him throughout the election and with like comments he’s made about Mr. Hewett. He tries to diminish Wooten’s record with the Sheriff’s Office by implying he received substandard evaluations but does not have that evaluation to prove this accusation. In fact, he goes into a tirade about notifying this person and that person did this, you get it! Then he goes into Wooten’s positions at other agencies with zero documentation, etc. . . . Here’s what we can show and this is a recorded video of the event. That according to Mr. Wooten who worked side by side with Kilby at the Forsyth Co. Sheriff's Office. At the time Sgt. Kilby was Corporal Wooten's supervisor and while on a domestic call Kilby assaulted a handcuffed individual Wooten had arrested, not just once, but TWICE! Being a first hand witness, Wooten's account is factual in that Kilby violated this man's Federal Civil Rights and committed a crime under North Carolina State Law. Both of which should be investigated and charges brought if found that he did commit this heinous act of violence! Kilby on his campaign website denies that this happened and wants to know where the report is about the incident. We all know what happens to reports like this when a fellow officer crosses that blue line. It gets filed in the trash or file 13 never to be seen again. We have no reason not to believe Mr. Wooten and in fact since he is an eye witness and doesn’t shuffle it off like Kilby (I was told this by . . . ), Wooten is a creditable source! In Conclusion Kilby’s position is that on his campaign website he should be able to comment about other candidates and it seems without impunity. He States: “The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all” - President John F. Kennedy Luke 12:2 “Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be know” applies to this campaign for Sheriff” - My Grandmother’s favorite bible quote. “To fully know who you are voting for you need to educate yourself.” “. . . you can search on the web, such as Google, our names . . . ” We do agree with him that voters should know about the individual they are voting for to hold office. Kilby has been made accusations and comments about both candidates in an attempt to disparage, ridicule, demean, embarrass, question their integrity and imply illegal activity or associations by the candidates. Kilby has no problem repeating hearsay and gossip with no regards to its truthfulness, validity or accuracy. He doesn’t support his comments or claims with any documentation to support the facts he spouts. Sure he’ll refer to some newspaper or magazine article, but in his twisted mind he turns his analysis into something that he alone thinks people will believe. His lack of empathy or compassion is repulsive by using another candidates misfortune as in Mr. Kimbrough’s wife’s death and his keeping the reason for her death to himself to protect his children and relatives. Then Kilby implies that Cynthia Hagie Fraser is somehow still under investigation of her husband’s murder several years ago, this just shows how low of a person he really is, in fact he’s off the scale! He has no morals when it comes to what he’ll do to get elected. We know this by what he did to Mr. Hewett and the lies he stated to a Magistrate to get a criminal charge for something that didn’t even exist. He committed perjury in obtaining the criminal summons. In Kilby’s closing, “Why post this now?” He makes the statement,”I can not change their past and you should not get upset when someone shines a light on it. Your past is used to gage your future.” Kilby, this applies to you as well. Your past comments and action are also under the light and when as you say “you should not get upset when someone shines a light on it” you as well should not have gotten upset when Mr. Hewett shined a Spot Light on your past comments and actions. Your comments in your deposition and emails will come to light and show what a hypocrite you truly are! Kilby has no moral character, and he lacks in integrity, honesty and loyalty. He will say anything that will serve his selfish purpose, whether it’s being elected or disparaging others. We are so lucky that this sorry example of a person wasn’t even close to being elected and we hope never will. But be assured we will all be there in the future to do just as he himself claims, “To fully know who you are voting for you need to educate yourself” and to “shine[s] a light on it.” Please continue on to Page 4 to for more discussion.
Photo credit, Profile picture Facebook, John Cox
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