A Soldier’s Fight for the First Amendment
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Honor - Integrity - Personal Courage Documentary

Former Vice Commander Don Holland

Disparaging Statements

American Legion members in their official capacity when representing the Post or the American Legion are not to speak in a manner that would disparage other members of the Post or the American Legion. Yet then Vice Commander and later Commander Don Holland in his official capacity made multiple disparaging comments concerning then American Legion Post 290 Member Steven Hewett. Holland not only did this on TV but through other news outlets as well, that being newspapers and postings on websites. Commander Holland’s conduct was prejudicial to the good name of The Ameircan Legion and also that of Mr. Hewett who had been exercising his Constitutional rights of freedom of speech and religion when he brought his lawsuit, hewett v city of king, as well as when Mr. Hewett was campaigning at the Post during the 2016 Presidential Election. After the City of King voted to settle the lawsuit ‘hewett v city of king’ Commander Holland disparaged Mr. Hewett on Fox 8 News which was broadcast throughout central North Carolina. Commander Holland’s actions dishonored Mr. Hewett’s service and sacrifice to his county. Mr. Hewett served in the US Army and had previously returned from Afghanistan where he was awarded a Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge for his actions at FOB Salerno 2003-2004. Commander Holland’s comments and conduct are not becoming of a member of The American Legion nor for the position that he held at the time. Vice Commander Holland was also quoted in numerous newspapers and other media as saying, “Mr. Hewett has dishonored every American Citizen that has ever fought for the United States.” This such a unbecoming statement from a fellow Legionnaire and Vice Commander about a decorated veteran and Post 290 Member. He has violated his oath and displayed conduct unbecoming of an American Legion Commander. The Constitution of The American Legion Department of North Carolina states: Article V, Post Organization: Section 10. Members may be suspended or expelled from a Post and from The American Legion only upon proper showing of cause. Charges shall be based upon disloyalty, neglect of duty, dishonesty, conduct prejudicial to the good name of The American Legion, or conduct not becoming a member of The American Legion. Section 11. Any officer of a Post, elective or appointive, may be reprimanded, suspended or removed from office for any of the reasons herein above set forth as a basis for suspension or expulsion of members and by the same procedure. The By-Laws of The American Legion Department of North Carolina states: Article IV, Discipline of Post Members: Section 2. Members may be suspended or expelled from The Legion, only upon a proper showing of cause. Charges shall be based upon disloyalty, neglect of duty, dishonesty and conduct unbecoming a member of The American Legion. We will show that Don Holland has violated his oath to the American Legion and has on several occasions violated the American Legion Constitution by his actions and comments. According to WFMY News 2 in Greensboro, Don Holland, Commander of American Legion Post 290, said he is still upset over everything that happened, “I think Mr. Hewett has dishonored every American Citizen that has ever fought for the United States.” Commander Holland displaying his contempt for Mr. Hewett taking the Christian Flag down off the Veterans Memorial, “It hurt when it came down. It hurt,” said Don Holland, American Legion Post 290 Commander, …”Every time I see that flagpole with an empty flag on it, it burns me up.” Commander Holland also addressed the City of King telling them that, he did blame them. So who does Commander Holland blame and take out his rage upon, Mr. Hewett! We would like to point out that Jimmie Rosamond also made comments in this article as well. He also made other statements and partisipated in the Christian Flag protest while dressed in and representing Post 290. He’s made statements to the new media about Mr. Hewett as well as being the complaintant in a criminal summons he and Holland took out against Mr. Hewett. Mr. Rosamond was the Post’s go to guy to file an affidavit to get Mr. Hewett expelled from the Post and Legion based upon false information he provided. Commander Holland was interviewed by Amanda Dobson of the local newspaper, Stokes News. Commander Holland stated to Ms Dobson, “Hewett’s sign and actions didn’t reflect the views of the Legion” “He has every right in the world to display what he wants, but in front of an American Legion building with a sign like “Veterans against Trump” doesn’t belong there.” We will respectfully disagree with Command Holland. That day the post was being rented by the Stokes County Board of Elections. This is the very day any and all people should display their signs expressing their constitutional right to freedom of speech. This was our nations National Election Day where people can express their endorsement or objections to those running for office. It is a day to citizens can stand and opening express their freedom of speech by voice, pamphlet or signage regardless of where the precinct is holding elections. Since the Legion Post was the polling station Mr. Hewett was expressing those freedoms for and against candidates. Just because Holland and his fellow legionnaires disagreed with Mr. Hewett’s choice and his expression of speech did not give them the right to harass nor assault Mr. Hewett. Commander Holland gave false testimony to an affidavit he swore against Mr. Hewett in stating the Mr. Hewett was calling out, “Y’all come on over here.” Mr. Hewett never said these words, it was Ronald Shouse who was yell this. Kilby’s verbal comments at the NC District Appeal hearing, “You can also see in the video that the Legionnaires whenever they, Command Holland got there he was one of the last ones to get there that day and he saw all this ruckus going on and he tells them to go get in the vehicles we’re go’n [sic] and they all loaded up and left out and when he left out and this is a conversation I had with several of them that was in the vehicle with him, he asked what’s going on, and they informed him what was going on.” The same day of the assault Holland made a police witness statement. In Kilby’s investigation Holland had to ask what was going on (he asked what’s going on, and they informed him what was going on). Therefore he did not witness the actual verbal exchange between Shouse and Hewett, evident by the fact all of that was over when he arrived and with that being case he merely wrote down what he was told not what he actually witnessed. He gave a false statement to the Police since this doesn’t surprise us much due to his stated animosity towards Mr. Hewett, disparaging statements he’s made about him to the press and the fact he is a proven liar in his affidavit to the Federal Courts. At the Stokes Co Magistrate’s Office Holland made a sworn affidavit that he witnessed Mr. Hewett flipping them off and yelling at them. As per Kilby’s investigation and the comment, Holland had to ask “what’s going on, and they informed him,” as well as the fact if he arrived last and several minutes had transpired between the last verbal exchange between Shouse and Hewett before Holland’s arrival. Also he told them to load up and they left. As per the video you can see nothing was being said nor done when Holland arrived, them loading up and left. Holland, lied and committed perjury in swearing out an affidavit he could not attest too! Official complaints were filed with the North Carolina American Legion and to this day nothing has been done to address the comments that Commander Holland made about a fellow legionnaire. The State Legion office continues to show it’s prejudice towards other veterans who are atheist and who stand up for Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech!