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Making False and Disparaging Statements

Phillip Holt a member of Post 290 made a statement to the King Police Department, made a false sworn statement to the District Court Judge-Magistrate and untruthful statements at the Appeal hearing. Holt claims he was at the Legion at 10:30 which was being used as a polling station. Where he observed Mr. Hewett displaying a sign “Veterans Against Trump” with a “Hillary” sign attached to it and obviously that’s true because Mr. Hewett was there electioneering for and against candidates. He like Rosamond makes claims Mr. Hewett was disparaging Veterans. “Individual was disparaging Veteran’s @ a public place. Also, presenting gestures disrespecting Veterans.” Yet he fails to describe how Mr. Hewett was disrespecting Veterans unless giving the middle finger in a return gesture as Shouse was doing in the video is what he means. No where in his statement to the police does Holt comment as to what Mr. Hewett said. Yet in the Criminal Summons he swears to something different. Now onto Holt’s statement to the Magistrate. “The Defendant repeatedly gave Mr. Hewett and the group of American Legion members Mr. Hewett was with the middle finger while saying to us “Y’all come on over here.” Mr. Hewett already established he did give Mr. Shouse the middle finger in return to him flipping Mr. Hewett off. Yet, like Rosamond Holt was untruthful in his sworn statement to the Judge-Magistrate by claiming Mr. Hewett said, ‘Y’all come on over here.” Just like Rosamond committed perjury under oath, so did Holt! Holt also spoke at the N.C. American Legion Appeal hearing against Mr. Hewett as well. This is part of what he said about Mr. Hewett at the hearing: Phil Holt: “My name is Phil Holt I’m with Post 290. I’ve been mentioned in Mr. Hewett’s situation. I Just want to reiterate some things that I, I find interesting in the way that he has presented himself throughout this process.” One the day he was there at the polling place, I was there I came to the Guard to serve that day, I did observe him carrying a sign that said, “Veterans Against Trump,” I didn’t understand his statement earlier where he said, where he said he was asked by the Democratic person to be there as a poll watcher. You can not as I understand it in this state, be there be a poll watcher and carry a candidates sign. It’s against the rules, I don’t understand how that was working. But he stated that himself. He also stated that he was wearing a video camera, that he was videoing everything, that he was not an American Legion identified Veteran. But he did with that same camera identify to an individual that he was. We did see that because I think he, he may have edited that out of the video. I, I don’t know, I didn’t see the video. Holt is apparently a very confused individual, willfully ignorant or wishing to disparage may name in front of the board and district commanders in what Mr. Hewett was stating or referring too. His comment at the hearing brought about the majority of the board and district commanders gasping at this comment he had made. Mr. Holt is a confused individual and willfully ignorant of the statutory laws governing the election process in North Carolina. N.C. § 163-45. Observers; appointment. (a) The chair of each political party in the county shall have the right to designate two observers to attend each voting place at each primary and election and such observers may, at the option of the designating party chair, be relieved during the day of the primary or election after serving no less than four hours and provided the list required by this section to be filed by each chair contains the names of all persons authorized to represent such chair's political party. Mr. Hewett was never an official poll “observer” as evident in the official “observer” submissions by David Dalton, Chairman, Stokes County Democrat Party to the Stokes Co. BOE. The screen shot of Mr. Hewett’s Face Book page clearly shows he was not going as an official Observer, but as a poll watcher. These are two distinctly different types of people. 1) An officially designated “Observer” is designated by the political party. Written notice is given to the local election board of whom the observers will be. 2) A “Poll Watcher,” are citizens who have an interest in a fair and unobstructed election. They are individuals or groups who wish to document and monitor the polling area for any inconsistencies or violations of polling laws, documenting or reporting such violations to the Official Observers” of their party. As clearly stated by Mr. Hewett on his Face Book page Mr. Hewett was doing just that, “Going out to the Polls to record any harassment and report it to our official local Democrat Observer. Yes, I’m fully wired, video and audio recorder!” What happen at the American Legion Polling station was reported to an “Official Observer,” David Dalton by Mr. Hewett. He called and reported Legion member(s) harassing, intimidating and assaulting him at the polling station, as evident by the video. Perhaps if Holt had done his due diligence and researched the General Statues for North Carolina election laws and reviewed Mr. Hewett’s comments on Face Book he may have come to the conclusion that Mr. Hewett was well within his rights as a citizen to be a “poll watcher.” But then if he did that, it would take away his moment of being able to disparage and demean Mr. Hewett in front to the N.C. American Legion Board and District Commanders. Now onto Holt’s addressing of the Stokes Co. Board of Elections concerning the illegal use of the American Legion Post 290 as a polling station. He is expressing his concern about moving the polling station as per the order from the Director of the State Board of Elections. He believes that voting will be greatly affected if the precinct is changed. Apparently, he is ignorant of the fact that the King Public Library not only this past year but in previous years had been used as a polling station for early voting and is known by all as a polling station for the west district. You have to wonder where he was when those elections were going on! He states that, “if the precinct is changed that will affect their interest in voting, period.” Simply put a precinct change will affect an individual’s interest in voting, “period” then those individuals will forfeit their right to be a part of the election process. He claims that the West Precinct is the one he votes out of and doesn’t understand why it would be relocated or that the Director would have the authority to change it. Well obviously Holt is ignorant again of statutory law that requires local county BOE’s to get permission from the State BOE Director to have a polling station located on private property and the fact that if private property is used the owners ‘must’ comply with state law in allowing everyone to have access to that polling area. Since there were public facilities available to the BOE they must first use those before using private property. Is he unable to read and understand the law? In conclusion, Holt was untruthful in his sworn statement, knowingly and willingly gave false testimony, disparaged & demeaned Mr. Hewett’s name in front of the NC Legion Board and membership about being an “Election Observer.” He certainly seems willfully ignorant of our state’s election laws governing polling stations.
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Post 290 Member Phillip Holt

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