A Soldier’s Fight for the First Amendment
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Jimmie Rosamond

Statement to King Police Nov. 8, 2016
Statement to Stokes Co. District Judge Magistrate Nov. 9, 2016
Misd. Criminal Summons Issued Based Upon False Statements to the Magistrate.
Affidavit given to the Post 290 in support of Writ of Summons
Writ of Summons January 2017
Gaither Keener, Jr. NC American Legion Department Judge Advocate Photo Credit, NC American Legion
Frame from video of Rosamond and Shouse (giving Mr Hewett the finger)

False and Disparaging Statements

Jimmie Rosamond, a member of Post 290 has made several statements; One to the King Police Department One to a Stokes County Magistrate One to Post 290 in order to expel Mr. Hewett from the post In each statement Mr. Rosamond becomes more exaggerated in his claims about Mr. Hewett’s conduct. We can simply compare the statements to see that Mr. Rosamond simply changed his narrative to fit what he was trying to accomplish. We will also show Mr. Rosamond’s animosity towards Mr. Hewett for removing the Christian Flag and the Kneeling Soldier Cross from the Veterans Memorial. In order to do this we will start with Mr. Hewett’s lawsuit ‘hewett v city of king.’ Please go to the “Background Page - Hewett v City of King” for more information about the lawsuit. Let's look at each of his statements and see how they get more exaggerated each time he makes one. As you can see by the picture, Rosamond is standing several yards away from the main group and it is his contention that he believes Mr. Hewett was speaking to him. Yet it was Mr. Shouse who was addressing Mr. Hewett and he was conversing with him, not Rosamond. 1) Rosamond made a statement to the King Police the day Mr. Hewett was attacked and as you can see from it, it is just one sentence long and his statement was: "Huett [sic] gave all of us Vets the finger and said, "bring it on." This statement was taken within a few hours of the incident so you can believe that this would be fresh in one’s mind. We want to emphasize exactly what he wrote in his own words to the police since this will be important in what he states in his later statements. 1) Huett [sic] gave all of us Vets the finger. 2) Said, “bring it on.” Mind you, this was a detailed statement by Rosamond to the King Police Department concerning the events on November 8, 2016. He’s extremely detailed in what took place! 2) The next day Rosamond and several other Post 290 members went to the Stokes Co. Magistrates’ office in an attempt to get a criminal summons in retaliation against Mr. Hewett for the King Police filing Assault with a Deadly Weapon & Careless and Reckless Driving charges against their fellow member Mr. Shouse who had attacked Mr. Hewett. No doubt they were advised to do this by either Cliff Kilby who they spoke Commander Holand or some attorney in order to make it appear Mr. Hewett had was responible for the events that day. Unknown to the Magistrate was the fact that the King Police had throughly investigated the assault and in reviewing witness statements and video did not charge Mr. Hewett with any crime since he had not committed one. In North Carolina anyone can go to a magistrate and take out papers against someone for just about anything even when they present false testimony to the magistrate. You would think that Rosamond’s statement to the Magistrate would be the same as the one to the police department, would you not? Now onto Rosamond’s statement to the Magistrate. “The Defendant repeatedly gave me and the group of American Legion members I was with the middle finger while saying to us “Y’all come on over here.” What’s interesting about this statement in that it varies from his previous one the day before that he gave to the King Police. In analyzing this; 1) The Defendant repeatedly gave me and the group of American Legion members I was with the middle finger 2) while saying to us “Y’all come on over here.” When we compare these two statements we see that Rosamond now changes this to him being with the group, yet he was several yards away from them under his porch. Even in the video it’s clear Mr. Hewett is addressing Mr. Shouse and not Rosamond nor the group as a whole. Now it also changes from just giving to the finger too repeatedly giving them the finger. The second half of his statement changes entirely to something different. From, “bring it on” to “Y’all come on over here. How could he give one statement within hours of the assault to something totally different the next day and you will see that all the other members who went with him to take out the summons, all said exactly the same thing. Sounds as if they rehearsed their story before going to the Magistrate. As you can see the Misd. Criminal Summons was issued based upon Rosamond, Holland’s and other members sworn statements. The problem with their sworn statements is that they conspired and colluded in their story to give the exact same statements to the magistrate. The major issue is that they were untruthful in what was said. Rosamond and others stated that Mr. Hewett said, “Y’all come on over here.” Yet clearly the full video of the harassment by the Shouse shows Mr. Hewett never said those words. In fact, it was Mr. Shouse who they heard saying this comment. Review the video and you’ll never hear Mr. Hewett say “Y’all come on over here” but you will hear Shouse say that repeatedly. So Rosamond and the other members were untruthful to the Magistrate committing perjury under oath! 3) Now this leads us to his third and final statement which is an affidavit in support of a Writ of Summons to expel Mr. Hewett from Post 290 and the American Legion. This statement was given under oath to the American Legion and shows how he exaggerates the events even more to make it sound that Mr. Hewett was more offensive by adding another element to his narration of the events that day. This affidavit was given two and half months after the November 8th incident and a the same day the Writ of Summons was issued. So much for Commander Kilby’s thorough investigation since he investigated this in November of 2016. Yet in Kilby’s affidavit he based his conclusion and agreement on the same day as Rosamond’s third affidavit. This was done one day before Ronald Shouse was appearing in Civil Court to answer a Domestic Chapter 50C restraining order on him. After the hearing a Legion member literally jumped out of his seat and rushed Mr. Hewett to serve the Writ. Rosamond’s Affidavit states in part: “...On November 8, 2016, Steven Hewett (203631 154) was recognized by the public as being a member of The American Legion on Post 290 property and he verbally stated that he was a member of The American Legion. While campaigning at Post 290 in King, North Carolina he told people that was going into Post 290 to vote and exited that he were a member of The American Legion. He become verbally abusive toward members of Post 290 and directed provoking speech and gestures with his middle finger and grabbing his crotch repeatedly in view of the public and including a Female Legionnaire.” On January 16, 2017, I was made aware that Steven Hewett’s Face book page contained false statements about me, other fellow members of Post 290, local elected Officials and members of the Stokes County Judicial System on January 4 and 12, 2017. This is another case of conduct unbecoming a legionnaire . . . ” This went from giving them the middle finger to Mr. Hewett grabbing his crouch repeatedly in view of the public including a Female Legionnaire! What is wrong with this statement made by Rosamond? No where in his previous two statements does he state that Mr. Hewett was grabbing his crouch at all let alone repeatedly. Not a single witness statement, all eleven (11) several of those being other Legion members and the general public (one of them a preacher) obtained by King Police mention Mr. Hewett grabbing his crouch at all. No where can you see Mr. Hewett on his truck grabbing his crouch. No where does Mr. Rosamond state what the provoking speech was made by Mr. Hewett. Yet not a single statement made to the Police mention Mr. Hewett grabbing his crouch, nor was it mentioned by the four the Legion members (one of whom was Rosamand) when they went to the Magistrate the next day to get a criminal summons. Certainly, that would have been one of the key elements of disorderly conduct sticking in their minds, such a disgusting act as grabbing his crouch several times in the presence of a female legionnaire let alone other women and children present at the polling station. How could this slip their minds when making statements to the police within a few hours of the incident as well as when the went to get the summons for disorderly conduct? Here we establish that in both Rosamond’s previous statements and other witness statements from two months earlier that Mr. Hewett never grabbed his crouch as Rosamond claims. Thus he LIED in his affidavit to have Mr. Hewett removed from the American Legion, he perjured himself! Rosemond had to change his narrative of the events to make it appear Mr. Hewett’s behavior was so appalling in front of the public and a female legionnaire. In his next statement he goes even further in his exaggeration of the events; makes a claim that Mr. Hewett was recognized by the public as a member of The American Legion on Post 290 that Mr. Hewett verbally stated that he was a member of The American Legion, while campaigning at Post 290 in King, and that he told people that were going into Post 290 to vote and existed that he was a member of The American Legion. The facts; No one recognized Mr. Hewett as Legion member, he had no insignia, patch, hat or anything that would identify him as Legion member. Mr. Hewett was not telling anyone going in nor out of the Legion that he was a member of the American Legion. This is support by video and you will not hear Mr. Hewett saying this to anyone. The one time Mr. Hewett mention he was a member was when he was approached by Mr. Pavloc asking what their (group of Post 290 members) problem was with Mr. Hewett. Mr. Pavloc was not there to vote, he like Mr. Hewett were politicking for their candidates. There was no violation by Mr. Hewett. Then to make it sound even more grandiose he quotes a military regulation that has nothing to do with any of this and if military regulations should be quoted Rosamond certainly should be aware of the one about committing perjury under oath. As for accusations about making false statements concerning him, other fellow members of Post 290, local elected Officials and members of the Stokes County Judicial System he fails to even state or show how any statement Mr. Hewett made about them was false. If you’re going to say that someone is making a false statement as he is stating then by all means quote the statements and show how they are false. At no time has this ever been done by Rosamond or Cliff Kilby. In conclusion, Jimmie Rosamond and members of Post 290 are just plain lairs. He as well as other members have disparaged and defamed Mr. Hewett’s name, slandered him with the American Legion (National & State), Post 290 and the community. They sought out to take revenge against Mr. Hewett for him standing up for the Constitution and equality for all Veterans at the King Veterans Memorial! They have inflicted untold harm and indignity upon Mr. Hewett by making false and derogatory statements and accusations in order to have Mr. Hewett expelled from Post 290 and the American Legion. Rosamond has dishonored himself and his oath to the American Legion and Post 290 membership! This is how they treat a member who would stand up for the Constitution and for all Veterans that they be treated equally regardless of their individual religious or political preference! Mr. Keener, refused to allow Mr. Hewett to introduce new evidence at the Appeal Hearing that would show not only Rosamond to be the liar he is, Kilby and other members of Post 290. However, he allowed Commander Kilby to introduce new evidence at his pleasure as well as other members of the Post who stood up and made comments that had nothing to do with the hearing, yet were allowed to demean and disparage Mr. Hewett’s name in front of all the District Commanders. Nor did Keener allow Mr. Hewett to cross examine or rebut these false and derogatory comments. But he can’t stop Mr. Hewett’s free speech on this site nor will it be stopped in a “real” court of law where the North Carolina American Legion, Post 290 and it’s members will have to answer for their fabrications. Already other members of Post 290 have quit the post in how it is being run by this core group, who you either agree with or they will kick you out as they did Mr. Hewett or shun you from to Post!

Rosamond & Kilby Lied at the N.C. American Legion Appeal Hearing

First we will say that Mr. Hewett confronted Rosamond and other Post Members who voted to expel him from the Post. However, we clearing understand he was upset and this was the only opportunity he had to express his frustration with a group of Legionnaires who lied about him. Rosamond and Commander Kilby both lied before the N.C. American Legion appeal hearing. At this hearing Kilby claimed that former State Commander David Shore witnessed Mr. Hewett calling Rosamond a female body part (pussy) and Rosamond confirmed this when questioned by Gaither Keener. We must remember that Mr. Keener would not allow Mr. Hewett to enter any new evidence, yet Kilby and others were allowed to do this by interjecting this claim of calling Rosamond a “pussy” to discredit and disparage Mr. Hewett before the Legion, this was not part of the initial Writ of Summons. Even though Mr. Hewett could play this video proving he did not call Mr. Rosamond a “pussy” nor challenged him to get up out of his chair which Kilby claims to have heard stating so in a deposition. There are multiple problems with both Kilby’s and Rosamond’s statements to the N.C. American Legion Appeal Hearing. 1) Kilby standing with a group of other Post Members were in a briefing, some fifteen (15) yards separating the group from Rosamond. 2) Hewett had his back turned to the group. 3) Loud bagpipes were being played right next to Rosamond and Hewett. 4) No where in the video does Mr. Hewett call Rosamond a “pussy” nor challenge him to get up out of his chair. 5) You can clearly see Mr. Hewett turning away and how far he and Rosamond are from Kilby and the group all along with Kilby listening to the group not Mr. Hewett. 6) There is no written affidavit by David Shore to support Kilby’s claim. 7) Kilby claims he witnessed (heard) Mr. Hewett challenging Rosamond to get up from of his chair, yet you don’t hear that at all in the video. This isn’t the first time Kilby hears people saying things that are clearly not being said. 8) This is first time publishing the videos and recordings so Kilby could not change nor alter his story. 1. Rosamond sitting down and Mr. Hewett walked up to him, bagpipes were playing right next to them. No way Kilby could hear anything. 2. After turning away from Rosamond you can see Kilby in with the group of other Legionnaires listening to a briefing. 3. David Shore approaches the group from the parking lot opposite from and not where Rosamond was sitting. 4. As the group leaves to take their positions you clearly see the distance between where the group was and where Rosamond is sitting a good 15 yards away and that’s Kilby looking back at Mr. Hewett. He was not in any position to have heard what was said between the two, especially with bagpipes being played. Both Kilby and Rosamond do nothing but lie about Mr. Hewett. Click the Link: Rosamond’s Animosity Towards Mr. Hewett
May 2017 Mr. Hewett confronts Rosamond about his lying and never threatened him. Kilby & Rosamond Lie before the N.C. American Legion