A Soldier’s Fight for the First Amendment
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Honor - Integrity - Personal Courage Documentary

Maybe Darrell and Micheal should look up the definition of Honor - Integrity - Loyalty. We’ll do it for them from Webster’s Dictionary: Honor 1a : to regard or treat (someone) with admiration and respect to regard or treat with honor b : to give special recognition to to confer honor on 2a : to live up to or fulfill the terms of honor a commitment Integrity 1 : firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values. Loyalty 1 : unswerving in allegiance: such as a : faithful in allegiance to one's lawful sovereign or government. Semper Fidelis: always faithful - motto of the U.S. Marine Corps Mike loves to talk about how he was a Marine and how honorable a service he had, wait his service was anything but Honorable! Mike spent a whole 9 months 8 days on active duty and even then that duty was not what we call honorable. The fact is he not only went AWOL once, but twice and the Marine Corp booted him out with a GENERAL DISCHARGE! Not an Honorable Discharge as he claims. He had his wife place a tile at the Veterans Memorial falling for his deception. On the form it states “To the best of my knowledge the veteran listed was honorably discharged.” We all know he did not receive an Honorable Discharge. Unless he can prove on his DD 214 that it states Honorable Discharge he is NOT an Honorably Discharged Veteran. His service is a betrayal to the Marine Motto - Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful! In fact, he dishonors all who have a tile at the Veterans Memorial who did serve honorably! Semper Fortis - ever strong - Navy Motto. Darrell never made it out of boot camp, he spent less than 60 days in the Navy. In fact, Darrell states that, “My service record is really none of anyones business. I was honorably discharged…” He doesn’t want to talk about his service record either because he was booted out for some reason such as disciplinary, possible medical or failure to adjust, then show us your DD214 to prove the claim it was an Honorable Discharge. But we already have his record here that just indicates “discharged” which means less than honorable. Unless he’s been able to have his record upgraded this is what it is! Again, unless you have a DD214 and in section 24. CHARACTER OF SERVICE that specifically states HONORABLE any other type of discharge is less than Honorable. A General Discharge is NOT an Honorable Discharge regardless the conditions you were released under. So unless you can produce a verified DD214 your service was NOT Honorable. How is it that Mr. Calloway talks about respecting his fellow man yet did nothing but spread lies in the media about Mr. Hewett! Darrell Calloway being interviewed by Liberty Unyielding spreading his fabrications, hate and untruthfulness! Darrell Calloway Lying he and his father donated the Memorial. Another lie, Calloway posting on Facebook making the claim that the city told Mr. Hewett to stop running a karate business out of his home. That this was all about vengeance. Darrell passing along more lies, Mr. Hewett never filed any civil suits individually against the city manager or mayor. Just delusional rants that Paula and Darrell uses to stir up her cohorts and spreading nothing but LIES as only Paula and Darrell can! Here’s some more of those outstanding people who are part of SCM, when they are unable to find anything on you they just make it up, David Dumbrosky is one of them. He was a part-time employee at the King Post Office and speaking with Larry Trout the Post Master well let’s just say he was something to be desired! To the point Dumbrosky claims Mr. Hewett, “twice verbally abused and threatened female window clerks at the King Post Office to the point Postal Inspectors were sent to his house to warn him of impending federal lockup if he did not cease and desist.” It certainly is amazing the lengths these people will go to in order to smear another’s name. Of course this never happened you can go ask Larry, King Post Master! Secondly, Dumbrosky and the rest of this group should realize they could be civilly sued for defamation and slander! What an outstanding person Dumborsky is who claims to support Veterans yet will lie about and disparage Mr. Hewett’s name all because he stood up for All Veterans! This shows you the type and character of these individuals who have to make up lies about someone to exalt their position in their group of misfits or to the public! This Darrel’s father and it should be noted that “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, it falls right under the tree, like father like son, both are liars!” < Click on the Photo for more about Carl! Now for Mr. Hewett’s Vindication! Letter from King City Manager Homer Dearmin stating there was never any dispute between Mr. Hewett and the City of King over any business signage, illegal business located at Mr. Hewett’s home or the requirement for a business license. Darrell Calloway made it all up, nothing but a lair!

Stokes County Militia

Darrell Calloway on the left current leader of the militia and Michael Marshall on the right founder of the SCM.
Michael Marshall Darrell Calloway, SCM Commander Carl “Butch” Calloway