The Assault

A Soldier’s Fight for the First Amendment
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November 8, 2016

November 8, 2016 was the day of our nations elections. The most important election taking place that day was that of President of the United States. The City of King has two polling stations located with it’s city limits that are authorized locations by the Stokes County Board of Elections (SCBE). The two locations are Popular Springs Church and American Legion Post 290. Under state law individuals have the right to be outside the buffer zones and politic for their individuals who they believe to be the best representatives of the people. This is a day and locations where voters and electioneers go to cast votes and politic for their candidates. One of the fundamental rights and privileges that we as citizens can engage in is the freedom of speech and assembly. Both those rights can be exercised by all citizens at a polling station. The right to freely without intimidate exercise your freedom of speech in both spoken speech, in writing with fliers being handed our or signs being held by those soliciting votes for their candidates.

Morning of November 8, 2016

The morning of November 8, 2016 was cool brisk sun filled morning. For many this required the wearing of a jacket until the day warmed up. Mr. Hewett prepared for this day after seeing a request by Stokes County Democrat Chairperson David Dalton for individuals to go to the polls to be poll watchers. Not to be confused with the official Poll Observers who are the only authorized individuals who can enter polling stations to observe the voting process. These individuals must be chosen by the Chairperson of each party and the list submitted to the Board of Elections of that county (keep this in mind Kilby brings this up at the appeal hearing showing his ignorance). Mr. Hewett having already participated in early voting and having seen the call on Facebook for poll watchers responded on Facebook accordingly with a post stating, “Going out to the POLLS to record any harassment and report it to our official local Democrat Observer. Yes, I’m fully wired, video and audio recorder!”

Popular Springs Polling Station

Mr. Hewett’s first stop was at Popular Springs Polling Station. Mr. Hewett had a sign which read “Veterans Against Trump” with a Hillary for President sign above it. It was on an eight foot plastic pole. Mr. Hewett spoke with a few people at this location in the designated area. Mind you Mr. Hewett had already done early voting so he did not go into the polling precinct since he was not a Polling Observer. This is an important note because Kilby states as a fact that Mr. Hewett went into the polling station and caused problems there, “ his polling place was another precinct, he went there and talked to the judge there, did cause a little problems there he went into the precinct . . .” Another important note is that Mr. Hewett recorded the entire time he was at both precincts with his body cam which clearly shows that Kilby made a false statement at the Appeal hearing. This was also confirmed to be false by Jason Perry, Director of the Stokes Co Board of Elections in an email to Mr. Hewett. Mr. Hewett left the Popular Springs Polling Station went directly to the American Legion Polling Station. This is another important note since Kilby again makes a false statement at the Appeal hearing that Mr. Hewett went home first and made a posting to his FaceBook account stating, “his own facebook page states he went home and sent a message out saying he was going to go to the American Legion and see what he could draw up and this was on his own facebook page.” American Legion Post 290 Polling Station Mr. Hewett arrives at the American Legion entering the parking area which is clearly caught on his trucks dash cams. Unknown to Mr. Hewett several uniformed Post 290 members are at the Post. Later it is found they were meeting there to go to a funeral to be the Honor Guard. You can see several uniformed American Legion members standing in a circle next to the driveway between two trucks. Mr. Hewett parks his vehicle, gets his body cam and sign ready then proceeds to the area designated for politicking just outside the buffer zone. Mr. Hewett then starts to engage people at the location with conversation.

Post 290 Member Ronald Shouse’s Harassment & Assault

Within seconds of walking into the designated area Mr. Hewett was being shouted at by one of the American Legion members, later identified as Ronald Shouse. Again, Mr. Hewett’s body cam picked up not only his conversations but that of Ronald Shouse’s harassment and assault. Time Index of Shouse’s Comments and Actions: 09:50:50 Hey, You, Come over here 09:51:11 What were you in Coast Guard (Disparaging Mr. Hewett’s Military Service.) 09:52:10 Come over here 09:52:00 Shooting An Imaginary Rifle at Mr. Hewett 09:52:32 Come Over Here Buddy 09:52:40 Come Over Here 09:53:00 Raises both hands and gives Mr. Hewett the middle finger 09:53:14 Flips Mr. Hewett off with the middle finger 09:53:25 Come Over Here 09:53:30 Come Over Here 09:53:37 Come On 09:53:43 Bet you ain’t ever draw’d down on another man hadn’t ya, I have. More than once. 10:02:29 Ronald Shouse charges forward with his truck slamming on the brakes 10:02:33 Ronald Shouse charges forward again but this time hits Mr. Hewett, assaulting him with his truck After hitting Mr. Hewett with his truck Mr. Shouse again disparages Mr. Hewett’s service by asking, “tell Afghanistan, what were you a gate guard.” Implying Mr. Hewett’s service was less than others who served. Standing with just a few feet of Mr. Hewett was an eye witness, Mr. Pavlic who you can hear on the video stating that he saw Mr. Shouse hit Mr. Hewett. Mr. Pavlic, “I saw it . . . I saw it.”

City of King Police Arrive

The King Police Dept. responded to the 911 call. Police Officer Dula and and Cpl Hunter responded. The officers took interviewed witnesses, took written statements, reviewed the provided video(s) and charged Ronald Shouse with Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Careless & Reckless driving. Mr. Hewett was not charged with any crimes by the King Police since he did not commit any to start with. If should be noted that Mr. Shouse not only violated state criminal and motor vehicle laws but also violated State and Federal Election Laws as well. Unfortunately he was not charged with these crimes. Please go to the analysis page of the King Police Case File Please go to the analysis page for the King Police case file for further details concerning Ronald Shouse’s actions during the roughly fifteen minutes he harassed and then assaulted Mr. Hewett. Statements made by witnesses show Mr. Shouse’s mental state and that he intentionally drove his truck at Mr. Hewett. These contradict Kilby’s analysis that the assault never happened as he as stated on repeated occasions.

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